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Just a little puzzled

May 22, 2008 - Dan Voigt
Every so often, you run into a little niggling glitch that throws everything that you're doing off-track, and then you drive yourself batty trying to figure out what that little niggling bit is. I'm sitting in that mess again... A couple of months back, I had that dilemma working on a network server at our sister publication that drove me nuts for a couple of days until it just fell into place. In the process, however, I really struggled with trying to go back through each and every step of the process, trying to see if something had been done differently that would account for the problem. In all honesty, I never really found where the glitch was, it all just seemed to magically fall into place and work, but only after I'd threatened it with dismemberment, melt-down and complete and utter destruction. I don't think computers can hear, however. Anyhow, now I'm fighting with a software issue and once again, its got to be some niggling little inconsequential thing that really isn't inconsequential. I've looked at the settings for this program, researched them, compared them between machines, and right now, nothing seems to be working right. I've been puzzling over this for a couple of months now, and just when a person starts thinking it might be solved, our little gremlin pops back out and creates a few more grey hairs. I'm persistent, to a fault, on things like this, because it really annoys me that I can't solve this issue. I know it's something simple, and more than likely, right under my nose, but until it jumps out and bites me, like my father would say, I'll keep puzzling over this. That in itself sounds kind of obsessive, and that means I'll probably be walking into walls, doors, trees, whatever, until I figure something out, or the software goes up in smoke, whichever comes first. Now, where did I leave that book of matches....


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