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In simple terms… Brand Builders is a
ReachFrequencyTime Concept.



Give yourself the opportunity to express your benefits, what you do best and why people should do business with you when the need arises.  Do we know when potential customers need our products and/or services?  By putting yourself in front of them on a regular basis it will help to ensure them to think of you first.  Word of mouth advertising is the most effective and the least costly…but it is also the slowest way to grow your business. 



The number of times you make an impression with potential customers, the better your opportunity is to get their business.  Continuous repetition of your name tends to impress your name upon the subconscious memory of people.  They store it away until such a time when the need arises.  Short-term, “One-Shot” advertising efforts are not the most effective way to advertise.  Brand Builders advertising is image advertising.  In your business…image, trust and value are important for growth of your business both short term and long term.



The length of time you need to advertise is usually as long as you are in business.  Sometimes it takes a long time to experience the success of your advertising.  Consider successful businesses; they have been consistent with their advertising and usually use several mediums to get the message out.


Brand Builders advertising affords you the opportunity to give people reasons to do business with you rather than your competition.  If you could increase your branding over the next number of years you are in business, would business be better?


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