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The Emmetsburg Catholic School and Emmetsburg Middle School have had an opportunity to collaborate, through a very generous donation, to bring the Kind Campaign to our 5th thru 8th grade girls. The girls will attend this assembly the afternoon of March 22nd at Emmetsburg Catholic School. This is an internationally recognized nonprofit organization that brings awareness and healing to the negative and lasting effects of girl-against-girl bullying through their global movement, documentary film, in-school assemblies and educational curriculums. This program addresses the fact that every single female has encountered girl-against-girl bullying at some point in her life, but Kind Campaign isn’t about pointing the finger at anyone. We have all been on both sides of this issue, whether it be from the perspective of the “victim” or the “aggressor.”  Physical fighting, name calling, gossip, power struggles, competition, manipulation, rumors, and ostracizing other girls all fall under the category of girl-against-girl “crime.” What we often choose to ignore is the fact that these experiences frequently lead to depression, anxiety, loss of self-worth, eating disorders, drug abuse, alcoholism, attempted suicide, and actual suicide in millions of girls’ lives. In February 2009, while attending Pepperdine University, Kind Campaign co-founders Lauren Paul and Molly Thompson joined forces. Having both been affected by female bullying throughout their youth, the young women decided to create change by giving females a platform to speak out about this universal experience. What began as an idea for a documentary about girl-against-girl bullying, ultimately became Kind Campaign, a multi-platform movement that has transformed hundreds of thousands of lives, friendships, classrooms and communities. Since its founding, Kind Campaign assemblies like the one our girls will experience on March 22nd have taken place in thousands of schools and communities across the country. With Kind Campaign’s documentary, in-school assemblies, Kind Clubs, Kind Kits, Kind Camps and their strong and supportive online community, Kind Campaign serves as the premiere anti-bullying movement for girls and has impacted millions of individuals across the globe. By attending and participating in this assembly, our students are choosing to take a stand and help make girl world a more supportive and kinder place. We will be sharing this information on March 20th at 5:30 - 7:15 p.m. in the Emmetsburg High School Auditorium with parents and community members. We ask that no children attend this meeting. Parents will have an opportunity to view the video students will see on the 22nd and obtain some information to assist them in talking to their students after the assembly on the 22nd. This is a great opportunity for you to hear what your students will be hearing on March 22nd during this assembly. Also on the 20th, we welcome Assistant County Attorney, Melanie Bauler, to discuss with parents the internet safety procedures she will be covering with the boys in grades 5-8 on March 22nd.


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