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Retirement Brings Wonderful Memories

February 17, 2016 Letter to the Editor: My humble thanks to so many who have offered prayers, best wishes, cards and gifts for my retirement. It has been a joy and privilege to be able to work with each and every one. more »»

Thanks To The City

February 11, 2016 To the Editor: Thank you to the city’s street department for its successive plowings after the storm last week. The unexpected effort made a difference. more »»

Show Support For Affordable Educaion

February 5, 2016 Dear Editor, This letter is written in support of Iowa Lakes Community College’s bond referendum for the purpose of funding educational facilities projects at the five Iowa Lakes campuses. more »»

Support For Iowa Lakes Bond Issue

February 5, 2016 To the Editor, February 9 is of critical importance to the entire Iowa Lakes Community College district. more »»

Preserve the Educational Opportunity

February 5, 2016 Dear Citizens of the Iowa Lakes Community College District, Iowa Lakes Community College is asking for your support for its first general bond since community colleges were started 50 years ago. more »»

Respect the Farmers, Cherish the Farmland

February 5, 2016 Dear Editor: As a landowner in Palo Alto County, I would like to reiterate some of the concerns voiced in the Supervisor Meeting, January 19, 2016, reference windmills in Palo Alto County. more »»

If In Doubt -- Call An Expert

January 28, 2016 To the Editor: In addition to Fire Chief Frank Kliegl’s “Warning For Supplementary Heating,” I would like to add: Electric space heaters are great for supplemental heating but should be used with... more »»

The Community Working Together

January 26, 2016 Letter to the Editor, The Upper Des Moines Palo Alto Outreach Staff would like to thank all the churches, businesses, organizations, schools and individuals that supported us throughout 2015. more »»

Support The College Bond Referendum

January 21, 2016 Letter to the Editor: On February 2, 2016, Iowa Lakes Community College is having a special bond referendum vote. more »»

Keeping An Eye On Candidate

January 21, 2016 To the Editor: Two generations before me – and I – have been and are registered “Democrats”. Because I consider myself logically inclined – I actually vote as an “Independent”. more »»

Support For Kasich At The Caucus

January 21, 2016 To the Editor: The date of the Iowa caucuses is looming closer and closer, that leap year phenomenon when we have the opportunity to make an outsized impact on the selection of our next presiden. more »»

Supervisors Need To Take Action

January 21, 2016 To the editor: How many more hoops will Sheriff Lynn Schultes have to jump through before Supervisor Ed Noonan, and his puppets ok the hiring of at least one fulltime employee in the communication... more »»

Is Cutting Back On Services In The Best Interest Of County?

January 21, 2016 To the Editor: As some of you may know, Sheriff Lynn Schultes has requested, in recent months, from the County Board of Supervisor’s their approval to add additional full time staff at the Palo Alto... more »»

Support for Iowa Lakes Bond Referendum

January 19, 2016 To the Editor: As Executive Director of Kossuth/Palo Alto County Economic Development Corporation, I strongly encourage residents to vote in support of the upcoming bond referendum for Iowa Lakes... more »»

Community College: A Gift To The Region

January 19, 2016 Letter to the Editor: Iowa Lakes Community College, a gift to the region, and why the Iowa Lakes Bond issue is worthy of your support. Many years ago I attended Emmetsburg Junior College. more »»

Fully Staff The Communication Center

January 19, 2016 Letter to the Editor: I have been following the proceedings of the Supervisors on the request from Sheriff Schultes to fund dispatchers in the Comm Center. more »»

Are You Aware...?­

January 12, 2016 Dear Editor, Are you aware that if we went to a single payer health care system, we would save hundreds of billions of dollars a year??592 billion, my computer just told me! Wouldn’t that make a nic... more »»

Employees vs Beavers?

December 29, 2015 I thought it was interesting that two of our supervisors voted against a full time employee at the Transfer Station to “save the county money”. more »»

Standing Up To Big Oil

December 10, 2015 To the editor, On November 30th, the EPA finally announced the long-awaited Renewable Volume Obligations for 2014, 2015 and 2016. more »»

An Open Apology

November 27, 2015 Letter to the editor: My Name is Richard L. Jones. I grew up on an Iowa farm and have lived in Iowa all my life. I was employed in the banking industry in Iowa for almost 30 year. more »»



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