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Emmetsburg Has Lost Their Chance

March 26, 2019 To the Editor: My family and I were distressed at the news that Joe Carter was dismissed as a candidate for Emmetsburg Community Schools superintendent. more »»

Support For The Multipurpose Center

March 22, 2019 To The Editor, I would like to inform the citizens of Palo Alto County of the opportunity to support the Multipurpose Center. more »»

In Honor of Our Farmers

March 13, 2019 Dear Editor: In honor of our farmers who provide the food and fiber that helps feed and clothe our nation we celebrate National Ag Week during the week of March IO-16th , 2019. more »»

The Air Waves Belong To the Citizens

January 29, 2019 To the Editor, Would like to respond to the recent news article in your paper titled: “Broadband Initiative Ignores Major Barrie. more »»

Conspiracy Among Us?

January 29, 2019 To the Editor, There is a conspiracy among the doctors, nurses, public health, lab and other support people at the Palo Alto County Hospital. A conspiracy to keep people like me alive and wel. more »»

Reader Says: Walls Are Not Effective

January 25, 2019 To the editor: Walls built to keep people out have a nearly unblemished record of futility. Prior to World War II, the French built a wall to keep the Germans out. It was called the Maginot lin. more »»

Time For Compromise

January 18, 2019 To the Editor: As the government shutdown drags on, we can blame Donald Trump for the shutdown, but the far greater sin is being committed by the Democratic Party. more »»

Most Indulgent Time of the Year

December 4, 2018 To the Editor: Thanksgiving to New Year’s is the most indulgent time of the year--from overeating to overspending to excess alcohol consumption. more »»

A Vote for Solberg

October 31, 2018 I want to ask you to vote for Linus Solberg on November 6. Linus is not only a life-long neighbor of mine, he is a great friend. more »»

Endorsing Jones

October 31, 2018 In 2014, I came to Megan Jones with an issue and idea. Our state needed to financially help adopting families. Adoption is a difficult journey--made worse by burdensome expenses. more »»

IPERS,Yes; Republicans, No

October 31, 2018 Republicans have recently backtracked from their former statements, and now say they don’t plan “current” changes to the Iowa Public Employee Retirement System (IPERS) for employees and retirees;... more »»

Solberg is Good for Palo Alto County

October 23, 2018 Palo Alto County Voters, Your vote on November 6, 2018 is an important one! We have known Linus Solberg for many years and we feel that he is a dedicated, hard working, caring individual that... more »»

Odor Will Do What’s Right for the District

October 23, 2018 This election season you as a citizen have a decision to make. more »»

Why I Support Fred Hubbel

October 10, 2018 This year Gov. more »»

Thank You From the Benz Family

September 19, 2018 Thank you everyone that helped with, attended, and suppported the benefit for David Benz this summer. more »»

Climate Changed

September 12, 2018 I listened and watched the ethanol plant rep demonstrate how cleanly alcohol burn. more »»

Let’s Look at the Money

September 5, 2018 Judge Whittenburg’s ruling on the court case against the Palo Alto Supervisors just goes to show that legal and ethical are not always the same thing. more »»

Congrats, P.A.C.H.

September 5, 2018 Congratulations to the cardiovascular and pulmonary certification award at P.A.C.H. I have been privileged to participate in the cardio progra. more »»

Do You Want Your Taxes Raised?

August 30, 2018 Editor’s Note: This is the conclusion of a letter published in The Reporter on August 28. more »»

Do You Want Your Taxes Raised?Editor’s Note: Due to the length of this letter, it is being printed in two parts. The conclusion of this letter will appear in the August 30 issue of The Democrat. To The Citizens of Emmetsburg The former City Manager, one

August 28, 2018 Editor’s Note: Due to the length of this letter, it is being printed in two parts. The conclusion of this letter will appear in the August 30 issue of The Democrat. more »»



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