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Early Memories Of PACHS

September 15, 2015 To the Editor: I remember when my sister was in the Emmetsburg Hospital for an appendectomy in 1963. She was a senior in high school and I was two years younger. more »»

Our Children’s Future

September 15, 2015 Dear Editor: My first encounter with Pete Hamilton was at a City Council meeting where he described Emmetsburg as “a 1A school with 4A facilities” who “will soon be playing 8 man football. more »»

Emmetsburg: “A Special Community”

September 1, 2015 To the Editor: Five short years ago our family took a risk and moved to an area where we had no family or friends. more »»

Rand Paul Shined in Presidential Debate

August 11, 2015 To the editor: The Republican presidential debate this past Thursday showcased many interesting leaders, with many interesting ideas. more »»

Farmer’s Marriage

August 4, 2015 To the Editor: And on the 10th day God looked down on his planned paradise and said I need a union that could only be broken by death do us part. So God made a farmer’s marriage. more »»

Re: Donald Trump

July 30, 2015 To the Editor: I am a college graduate, a veteran, and I have voted both sides in my life but........ Donald Trump.... more »»

Special Assessments: Is There a Better Way to Fund Large Projects?

July 30, 2015 To the Editor: Watching the “big dig”- technically known as the Lake Street Project- has brought the topic of special assessments back into focus. more »»

Truck Traffic: A View Through Our Windshield

July 30, 2015 To the Editor: As I sat reading the different opinions about the semi-truck traffic in Emmetsburg, which is mostly negative, I felt compelled to offer some things to think about. more »»

Volunteering Before, During, and After RAGBRAI

July 23, 2015 To the Editor: As we reflect upon where we were 1 year ago, it is amazing to think about how the community came together in order to make a successful RAGBRAI event. more »»

Trucks Driving Through Emmetsburg

July 23, 2015 To the Editor: In the July 14 and 16 papers, there were some letters to the editor complaining about truck drivers driving through Emmetsburg instead of using the by-pass roads. more »»

Supervisors: Stop Dragging Your Feet

July 21, 2015 A letter to the citizens of Palo Alto County, I am so upset at the non-actions of our Board of Supervisors. I work for Palo Alto County, as a Jailer and drive ambulance for the Hospital. more »»

“When Did We Lose Our Voices?”

July 21, 2015 To the Editor: When did we lose our voices? We have a Community Center that is beautiful beyond belief and seems to be having success in bookings. It is a nice addition to our community. more »»

You May Be Interested

July 16, 2015 To the Editor: I’ve mentioned a farmer in Bismarck, ND, before. That farmer, Gabe Brown, in the last 20 years has increased the number of cattle on his farm four times. more »»

Re: Public Safety

July 16, 2015 To the Editor: Citizens are complaining about the numbers of 18-wheelers driving through downtown Emmetsburg. more »»

Trucks Should Use By-Passes

July 16, 2015 To the Editor: I now realize that I am not the only one who is offended by the awful truck traffic here. more »»

An Argument Against Mowing

July 14, 2015 To the Editor: We Americans love our lawns – acres and acres of emerald green, carefully manicured perfection. Except, they are mostly a dead zone. more »»

Looking To The Future

July 7, 2015 To Parents, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Brothers, Sisters or just acquaintances: Recently some things have come to light for myself, and it bothers me. more »»

Make Downtown More Pedestrian-Friendly

June 30, 2015 To the Editor: On several occasions recently I have run into friends or acquaintances on the streets in downtown Emmetsburg. We tried to stop and have a conversation. more »»

Reader Shares Points of Discussion

June 25, 2015 To the Editor: Just a few things we could be discussing in these pages, that effect our lives. more »»

EPA Puts Oil Industry's Agenda Ahead of American Farmers

June 16, 2015 To the Editor: It hasn't always been easy for the average American farme. more »»



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