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Truck Traffic: A View Through Our Windshield

July 30, 2015 To the Editor: As I sat reading the different opinions about the semi-truck traffic in Emmetsburg, which is mostly negative, I felt compelled to offer some things to think about. more »»

Volunteering Before, During, and After RAGBRAI

July 23, 2015 To the Editor: As we reflect upon where we were 1 year ago, it is amazing to think about how the community came together in order to make a successful RAGBRAI event. more »»

Trucks Driving Through Emmetsburg

July 23, 2015 To the Editor: In the July 14 and 16 papers, there were some letters to the editor complaining about truck drivers driving through Emmetsburg instead of using the by-pass roads. more »»

Supervisors: Stop Dragging Your Feet

July 21, 2015 A letter to the citizens of Palo Alto County, I am so upset at the non-actions of our Board of Supervisors. I work for Palo Alto County, as a Jailer and drive ambulance for the Hospital. more »»

“When Did We Lose Our Voices?”

July 21, 2015 To the Editor: When did we lose our voices? We have a Community Center that is beautiful beyond belief and seems to be having success in bookings. It is a nice addition to our community. more »»

You May Be Interested

July 16, 2015 To the Editor: I’ve mentioned a farmer in Bismarck, ND, before. That farmer, Gabe Brown, in the last 20 years has increased the number of cattle on his farm four times. more »»

Re: Public Safety

July 16, 2015 To the Editor: Citizens are complaining about the numbers of 18-wheelers driving through downtown Emmetsburg. more »»

Trucks Should Use By-Passes

July 16, 2015 To the Editor: I now realize that I am not the only one who is offended by the awful truck traffic here. more »»

An Argument Against Mowing

July 14, 2015 To the Editor: We Americans love our lawns – acres and acres of emerald green, carefully manicured perfection. Except, they are mostly a dead zone. more »»

Looking To The Future

July 7, 2015 To Parents, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Brothers, Sisters or just acquaintances: Recently some things have come to light for myself, and it bothers me. more »»

Make Downtown More Pedestrian-Friendly

June 30, 2015 To the Editor: On several occasions recently I have run into friends or acquaintances on the streets in downtown Emmetsburg. We tried to stop and have a conversation. more »»

Reader Shares Points of Discussion

June 25, 2015 To the Editor: Just a few things we could be discussing in these pages, that effect our lives. more »»

EPA Puts Oil Industry's Agenda Ahead of American Farmers

June 16, 2015 To the Editor: It hasn't always been easy for the average American farme. more »»

G-T Administrator Says Goodbye To School

May 5, 2015 Dear Graettinger-Terril/Ruthven- Ayrshire Parents & Community: It is with a very heavy heart I write this letter. more »»

Moving Forward

April 30, 2015 Palo Alto County Citizens, Several months ago, I wrote a letter that was critical of decisions by our County Supervisor. more »»

Farm Safety For Just Kids

April 28, 2015 Dear Editor of Emmetsburg News, Agriculture is the nation’s most dangerous and pivotal industry. Nearly 700 kids have died on farms in the United States between the years of 1995 and 2000. more »»

Visit The Nature Center

April 28, 2015 Dear Editor, It was my great pleasure to speak at the Lost Island Prairie Wetland Nature Center recently. I enjoyed spending time with the wonderful folks who gathered there. more »»

New Owners For Emmetsburg Car Wash

April 23, 2015 To the Editor: Over the last month, there have been many discussions regarding the potential enhancement of South Bay car wash, generating dialogue on both sides of the debate. more »»

Congratulations, Emmetsburg Main Street Community Theatre

April 16, 2015 The staff and many volunteers who make the Emmetsburg Main Street Community Theatre possible can pat themselves on the back for putting together yet another exceptional production in “The Addams... more »»

A Better Way To Finance Street Renovation?

March 10, 2015 To the Editor: A recent newspaper article reports that a hearing on the Lake Street renovation recently occurred. Please allow me to offer a perspective from past street projects. more »»



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