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Dressing Up The Victorian

June 29, 2017 To The Editor: A big Thank You to the Palo Alto Garden Club for dressing up the Victorian on Main and to those who donated to make the project a realit. more »»

Old Habits Die Hard

June 29, 2017 Our family was on the way home from a softball game recently when it happened. As I crested the hill an approaching truck was already a foot into our lane. more »»

What’s More Important Than Education?

June 22, 2017 To the Editor, I have heard the comment made that Emmetsburg has a 1-A school with 3-A facilities. There may be some truth in this but I think it is a little misleading. Living at 202 King St. more »»

Communities Against Wind Energy

June 15, 2017 To The Editor: Not many things bring together a community like an Industrial Wind Energy Installation. more »»

The Love of Money Is the Root Of All Evil

June 15, 2017 To The Editor: I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of myself and other non participating landowners for not being overcome by greed, like some land owners have, to accept the offers... more »»

Reader Asks: “Will History Repeat?”

June 13, 2017 Letter to the Editor: I fully agree with Alan Oppedal and Anesa McGregor’s editorials in the May 18 2017, Democrat. These I could write more about, but not at this time. more »»

Welcome - and - Good Luck

June 13, 2017 Dear Editor(s) First of all, welcome to Anna Veltri! I hope you find Emmetsburg a welcoming and interesting place to live, and to write about! To Jane Whitmore: I wish you well on your retirement. more »»

Iowa State Patrol Set For Increased Enforcement Over Memorial Day Weekend

May 23, 2017 SPENCER – Memorial Day weekend is typically recognized as the official start to the summer vacation season. more »»

Growing Up To Be ‘Energy Farmers’

May 23, 2017 To The Editor: I wish I’d taken photos. We were driving back from West Des Moines where two of our kids had birthdays to celebrate. more »»

Reader Supports Funding Leopold Center

May 18, 2017 Letter to the Editor: I am not now nor have I ever been an admirer of Terry Branstad, but he has my approval for his veto of a measure that would have ended the Leopold Center at Iowa State... more »»

Reader Wonders “Then What?”

May 9, 2017 To the Editor: Recently while reading about wind turbine companies decommissioning the turbines if things don't work out, I did not see anything about the foundation. more »»

Tending The Grounds For Pollinators

May 4, 2017 To the Editor: They say that in spring a young man’s fancy turns to love. Well, the rest of us seem to focus on gardening and lawn care. more »»

Veterans Memorial Kiosk Up and Running

May 4, 2017 To the Editor: We are pleased to announce that the Palo Alto County Veterans Memorial Kiosk and web site are now operational. more »»

CRPR Seeks Withdrawal of Remark

April 13, 2017 To the Editor: The Coalition for Rural Property Rights would respectfully ask that Dan Lutat publicly withdraw the remark that our organization is “fueled by a national political action committee... more »»

“An Observation” From A Reader

April 13, 2017 To the Editor: In response to an editorial in the March 14th and now the April 4th Reporter by Emmet County resident Dan Lutat, just a couple of observation. more »»

Great Job, Emmetsburg Boy Scouts

April 13, 2017 Dear Editor: While visiting with family after the St. Patrick’s Day parade, I happened to notice Mike Frederick and his troop of Boy Scouts on the sidewal. more »»

Kudos For Community Theatre

April 6, 2017 Letter to the Editor: The recent production of “Church Basement Ladies” was awesome! The talent and hard work was outstanding and we are thankful for our own “Theatre” which continues to entertain... more »»

Journalists And The Cherry Sisters

April 4, 2017 To the editor: I was interested in an item that appeared in the Iowa History column, March 28 issue. more »»

Look At The Win-Win Outcome

April 4, 2017 To the Editor: In the interest of civility, I will not make the newspaper a stump for the CRPR. However, unwarranted personal attacks from CRPR board member Cynthia Berkland deserve a response. more »»

Reader’s “A Rebuttal” Part 2

March 30, 2017 (Editor’s Note:?Due to its length, Cynthia Berkland’s letter is being printed in two issues to meet the guidelines of the newspaper. The first part of the letter was printed in The Reporter, March 28. more »»



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