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Progress Through The Years

October 18, 2019 This is an exceptionally busy and equally exciting time of year at the newspaper. We are in the middle of football and volleyball at the high school level. We are coming into the election season. more »»

U.S. Political Parties

October 11, 2019 This is the continuation of my editorial that ran in the Oct. 1 issue of The Reporter. I will finish the historical political parties and continue with the current parties of our country. more »»

Pollinator Paradise

October 8, 2019 From the Iowa Tourism Bureau, here is an idea for a family outing within driving distance. more »»

U.S. Political Parties Past and Present

October 1, 2019 I have never been one to really follow politics and I try never to discuss politics especially today. more »»

It’s Autumn

September 30, 2019 Monday was the first day of Autumn. There is probably no other time of year as colorful as the Autumn days leading up to Winter. more »»

Remembering Three Mile Island

September 24, 2019 There are not many that can tell you about Three Mile Island. What happened there and exactly where its location i,s are probably unknow to anyone over the baby boom era. more »»

Giving Back To Community

September 20, 2019 This week we are happy to report donations to Emmetsburg projects. MidAmerican Energy gave a monetary donation to Five Island Trails. more »»

Myths About Foster Care

September 17, 2019 Foster care: Children in foster care don’t need to be “rescued” from their homes. more »»

How to Tell if You Have a Fixed Mindset and What You Can Do to Change It

September 10, 2019 Sometimes I feel like I have a fixed mindset, especially when I was younger. Life was black and white, there was no grey and if the answer was not yes or no, I remember avoiding the question. more »»

Open Casting Call

August 29, 2019 One of the disadvantages of a twice weekly newspaper, sometimes we receive a news release “too late” to make it pertinent. more »»

Half Way There

August 28, 2019 Half-Way to St.?Pat’s! Can you believe it? Here we are, the end of August, and we’re looking ahead to the middle of March. The St. more »»

Keep Emmetsburg Beautiful

August 16, 2019 Emmetsburg is getting a sidewalk facelift. An observation from Mayor Myrna Heddinger: “this is a precision working team. more »»

Where Has the Time Gone?

August 14, 2019 Have you ever said to yourself where has the summer gone or where has the month gone? I caught myself doing just this the other day at a convenience store. more »»

The Mighty Monarch

August 9, 2019 Have you ever given thought to how far the Monarch butterfly has to migrate??On delicate wings, the Monarch swoops through the air on its migratory path to spend winters in the South. more »»

Take Back Your Life and Live Free

August 6, 2019 Everyone has given in to peer or societal pressure. It causes us to reinvent who we really are to fit i. more »»

Garden Produce

August 2, 2019 Through the years our garden has dwindled from a full fledged garden to a cherry tomato plant in a pot. The “garden” has now been taken over by day lilies. more »»

What Are The Main Forms of Noverbal Communication

July 30, 2019 Most of all communication is nonverbal and it may be the most important way you interact with others. There are many forms of nonverbal communication and they are part of what makes us human. more »»

A Happy Work Place

July 26, 2019 The mood-altering power of nature can help you succeed at work. That’s what columnist Brian Krenke tells us. He says office workers are virtually chained to their desks. more »»

Time Management is Important in Daily Life

July 23, 2019 Time is something we cannot escape. Wherever we go and whatever we do, time is always with us. Time management is one of the most important skills a person can, and should master. more »»

Tips for Caring for Man’s Best Friend in Summer Heat

July 16, 2019 After all the rain, people as well as man’s best friend, want to be outside. We need to be careful in extreme heat and take care of our best friends. more »»



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