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Pumpkins Galore

October 11, 2011 A pumpkin is a member of the gourd family and so is the squash - fruit of the vine. We cook pumpkins and squash, but we don’t cook gourds. more »»

Just Don’t Tell

October 4, 2011 We have become a society that loves to tell the world what we’re doing and thinking as it is actually happening – or as they say, in real-time. more »»

What’s Your Phobia?

September 29, 2011 October is just around the corner - and with it, Halloween. Ghosts and goblins and tombstones are decorating lawns. For whatever reason, thoughts of Halloween bring thoughts of “phobias. more »»

Four Days A Week

September 22, 2011 The financial constraints for our schools are almost unimaginable at times, when you look at state and federal expectations for achievement. more »»

A Little Nudge And A Lot Of Support

September 20, 2011 Have you ever experienced the “cringe” factor? That’s when a person physically cringes when faced with the unknown - or when a person is asked to do something they’re not sure about. more »»


September 13, 2011 I was driving to work on that September morning 10 years ago, as the first sketchy reports of some type of aircraft crash at the World Trade Center on a sunny morning. more »»

A Little NUDGE

September 8, 2011 Here is something worth thinking about: Although Iowa women make up 53-percent of the registered voters and turn out to vote in higher percentages than men*, only 22. more »»

What’s A Handicap?

September 7, 2011 When we learned about Club Championship Weekend at Five Island Golf, we also heard the question, “What’s a handicap?” To clarify, we asked Marc Riley to explain the tournament and how to calculate a... more »»

Summer’s End

August 30, 2011 With the return of children to school many begin to lament the end of summer. more »»

Food For Thought

August 29, 2011 I took note a couple of weeks ago that deer season license applications are now available, and have several friends that are already thinking forward to the various waterfowl and game hunting seasons. more »»

$64 Questions

August 16, 2011 Ever since the flooding along the Missouri River began earlier this summer, one of the many $64 questions being asked has been, “Who is to blame?” Depending on your point of view, there are differen... more »»

The Green Thing

August 4, 2011 A friend sent me this a week ago, and I thought it was pretty relevant. All we seem to hear anymore is about how we have to be “Green” and take care of our planet. more »»

Making A Difference

August 2, 2011 A “mini” Relay For Life brought the crowd out Sunday, late afternoon and evening. more »»

Fun At The Fair

July 26, 2011 The grounds are silent. The hum of fans has been quieted. more »»

Midnight Magic

July 21, 2011 It was just before midnight on Thursday, July 14 – a full moon in the sky – when we made our way to the Riviera Theatre. The streets were quiet, except for our chatter. more »»

A Little Humor

July 14, 2011 I’d love to take credit for the following lines of wit and so forth, but I can’t – These are some classic one-liners from various comedians that were compiled for some unknown reason and ended up on... more »»

Look Left, Look Right... ...Run

July 12, 2011 Pedestrian safety in Emmetsburg is improving as drivers become more aware of people using the crosswalks on our busy Highway 4 and Highway 18 downtown. more »»


July 6, 2011 Everybody knows leftovers – for lots of us, they are a diet staple. For some, a curse. For others, a way to fill a refrigerator and job security for cleaning out said refrigerator. more »»

Sit Back & Relax

June 30, 2011 We get to enjoy another long holiday weekend, with the Fourth of July on a Monday this year. We’ll have three days to sit back and relax. more »»

Don’t Sit Back

June 23, 2011 If there’s one thing that I’ve learned in 20-plus years of working in the media world, it’s been that everyone has an opinion. more »»



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