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The Waiting Room

March 23, 2020 As of late I’ve been spending an inordinate amount of time in the waiting rooms of a variety of medical professionals in the area. more »»

A New Decade

March 9, 2020 The purest joy of my life is being a grandmother.  Last year both my grandsons turned ten. It’s hard to believe a decade could go by so quickl. more »»

How to Deal Effectively With Clutter

March 6, 2020 Many people, including myself have trouble letting go of things we no longer need, use, or will never use again simply because there may be sentimental value to it. more »»

Clouds That Spell Severe Weather on the Horizon

March 4, 2020 With warmer weather in our future, I thought it would be a good idea to look at some signs bad weather is approaching. more »»

5 Life-Changing Morning Habits

March 4, 2020 This was one of those days when I couldn’t think of anything to write about. One of my favorite websites when I need something positive to focus on is more »»

Disrespecting Law Enforcement MUST Stop!

February 21, 2020 Almost everyday you turn on the TV and you see young people in big cities disrespecting the police. more »»

The Opiate Epidemic

February 21, 2020 I was listening to the radio on my way top work this past Tuesday when a report came on regarding Opium use and availability on the streets in our Stat. more »»

How Did Iowa Become The First Caucus State?

February 17, 2020 I went to my first caucus on Monday, Feb. 3 at the Emmetsburg Campus of Iowa Lakes Community College. I was both nervous and excited at the same time since I really wasn’t sure what to expect. more »»

The First Three Months

February 17, 2020 It has been three-months since I brought my beloved Husky puppy, Balto, home from the vet. I wrote about him in November when I got him. more »»

Were You Bullied in School or Just Picked On

February 5, 2020 We hear about it all the time. A student is bullied by peers, drops out of school or the ultimate worst thing - commits suicide, but I wonder what was it like for you in school. more »»

How Will You Use Your Tax Refund?

February 5, 2020 The Internal Revenue Service announced they are accepting tax returns, so how will you spend your money? The Iowa State University Extension and Outreach section has some good tips when it comes to... more »»

The Surprising Benefits of Being an Introvert

January 28, 2020 Have you ever met a person that seemed unfriendly, shy or antisocial? Maybe you’ve even gotten the impression that they are lonely. The person you have met is probably an introvert. more »»

Coming Our Way -- Popcorn Day

January 24, 2020 What’s not to like about popcorn? Whether you pop it at home or get some from the Riviera downtown, popcorn is really a great snac. more »»

“Big Brother” is Watching Our Every Move 24-7

January 24, 2020 Creighton University Professor Guy McHendry, Ph.D. has conducted extensive research that examines the ripple effects of surveillance on our society and bias in surveillance technolog. more »»

Only 47 Days Until the First Day of Spring

January 21, 2020 After this past weekend, I’m so ready for spring and it’s only 47 days away! Spring begins with the vernal equinox, which always occurs on March 19, 20, or 21. more »»

Capitalism vs. Socialism What is the Difference?

January 10, 2020 I have stated in editorials before that I try to never get involved in political conversations. Everyone believes one way or another and that is their right. more »»

New Beginnings

January 10, 2020 With 2020, we begin a new decade. There has been so much hype leading up to this year. It is, after all, a presidential election year. We have been hearing about that for quite some time. more »»

Seven Ways to Practice Positivity and Optimism Everyday

January 3, 2020 This is Part One of a Two Part Editorial. more »»

What I Learned During the Holidays

December 31, 2019 As I sit in front of my computer at work wondering what to write about, my mind keeps reverting to the holiday season and jobs I’ve had. more »»

Yes, Virginia, There Is A Santa Claus

December 27, 2019 One of the most famous newspaper editorials of all time has to do with Christmas. It first appeared September 21, 1897, in the pages of a leading newspaper of the day, the New York Sun. more »»



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