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What’s A Handicap?

September 7, 2011
Emmetsburg News

When we learned about Club Championship Weekend at Five Island Golf, we also heard the question, "What's a handicap?" To clarify, we asked Marc Riley to explain the tournament and how to calculate a handicap. Thanks for the explanation, Marc.

Five Island Golf Course

Member's Club Championship Weekend

Growing up in this community, I've had the pleasure of being part of a great atmosphere of not only a great school system, but also its athletics; especially golf. Ever since I was a young golfer, I can remember watching tournaments that had fairways flooded with carts to watch players on their final holes of open tournaments and club championships. Those were great days! That is why this year, a committee has taken the initiative to set up a great weekend to try and carry on the tradition of success at Five Island Golf Course.

The weekend of September 24 and 25 has been labeled the Member's Club Championship Weekend at Five Island Golf Course here in Emmetsburg. It will commence with the Women's Club Championship on Saturday followed by the Men's Club Championship on Sunday. Each day, tee times for your first round will be from 9 to 11 a.m., in an 18 hole format. Your entry fee of $25 to the tournament includes lunch at the turn. If you need a cart, the cost is $25 and must be paid/reserved by Wednesday, Sept. 21. To be eligible to play, you must turn in five scores to establish a handicap for our scoring.

The Member's Club Tournament format is as follows: Both the Men's and Women's divisions will be divided into the Championship, which will pay the top three places, and Presidential division which will be flighted according to number of players. Both Men's and Women's Club Tournament will be 100% payout! Scoring for the Club Tournament is as follows: If Joe is a 4 handicap and shoots a 39, he will have a 39 entered into the championship division and a 35 in the presidential division.

Can't play that early? Come out for our 9 Hole Five Island Ryder Cup. Each two-member team may consist of two men, two women, or a Male/Female combination. For a cost of $20 ($10/person), teams must consist of a combined handicap of 18 or lower. Tee times begin at 4 p.m.

Here are some examples of teams:

Mitch is a 2 handicap and Bill is a 4. Total handicap is under 18, so they are eligible.

Brett is a 7 handicap and Ted is an 11 handicap. No problem, they equal 18!

If Jessica is a 13 handicap and Jim is an 8, their handicap exceeds the stated 18, here's our solution:

Jessica (13) + Jim (8) = combined handicap of 21

21 minus 18 (stated max handicap) = 3 excess strokes

Lastly, you take the higher of the two teammates (Jessica) and subtract the excess (13 minus 3= 10). Jessica's adjusted handicap is now a 10, team handicap now equals 18.

The Ryder Cup is similar and is also 100% payback for first and second place. Both Men and Women are entered into the same pool and are essentially playing each other. If Bill (18 handicap) and Nick (0 handicap) are playing together, Bill gets two strokes each hole and Nick receives no strokes. On number 5, Nick has a 5, but Bill has a 4. Bill would therefore be a net 2 on the card (4 minus 2 strokes because of handicap). You then take the best net score, which is Bill's 2, and that is your score on the hole as a team. For scoring, each team will take the best net score (score minus handicap for each hole) and record that on the card.

Handicap? A simple way we calculate handicap is to record 5 rounds. If Jim goes out and shoots 45, 42, 43, 38, 47, his average score is a 43. You then take 80% of the 43 to establish his handicap (compared to par 35 on Emmetsburg) and it would be 43-35= 8 x 80% = a 6.4 handicap.

This year, I hope that we overflow our tee times! We want every member to come out to play and have a great time at Five Island Golf Course. The tournament committee and I hope that this year can be a stepping stone for future success. Any questions feel free to contact Five Island Golf Course at 852-3422 or myself at 852-2201. Be sure to reserve your tee times ASAP!!!

Marc Riley, Club Tournament Committee Member



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