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Begorra! Irish Dollars

February 16, 2012
Emmetsburg News

There was an unlucky incident at St. Pat's Headquarters recently. At the last board meeting, a loud scream was heard from the upstairs workshop.

(The upstairs is reserved for production of Canned Blarney and minting the Robert Emmet Irish Dollars).

St. Pat's Board Members scrambled to get upstairs, only to find Liam the Leprechaun. He was very distraught and started yelling in Gaelic. This was not much help since no one could understand what Liam was trying to say.

A couple of people got past Liam and found Lucky the Leprechaun, the manager of the Irish Dollar minting press. It is assumed that Lucky had decided to take a rest on the minting machine. It truly would be a great place to catch some shut-eye, as the belt section made the perfect bed and the machine was still giving off a little heat - just right for a cozy nap.

Liam, being an over-achiever, did not want to see the machine sit idle. Without even looking, Liam flipped the switch and the belt started moving. Just as Lucky woke up, his foot was ready to enter the machine. A shriek from Lucky got Liam's attention. A disaster was avoided. Lucky was lucky and only needs a new pair of shoes.

The St. Patrick's Association is not so lucky. Through an investigation into this unlucky incident, St. Pat's learned that Lucky's and Liam's green cards had expired. They were deported back to Ireland.

As a result of this unlucky chain of events, minting of the 2012 Robert Emmet Irish Dollars has been halted. Only 700 coins were completed. Hurry into St. Pat's Headquarters before all of the golden coins are gone.



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