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Awaken America. Awake from sleep.

March 15, 2012
Emmetsburg News

To the Editor:

Our nation is playing with spiritual fire. Prepare yourself for the war of wars if we do not live by God's laws and seek God's mercy and forgiveness for our souls and those of the whole world. We the people are being confronted by evils of a secular world, the evil that seeks to ruin the souls of man. It is more than political; it is the devil's desire to again tempt man to choose between God and man, good vs evil, the seen and the unseen. Scriptures have numerous references, "Put on the armor of light, Jesus Christ, and make no provisions for the desires of the flesh."?Romans 13:11-14

The affordable care act was written by man, passed in secret by man and mandates a governmental control where "the end justifies the means." It is an administration that is willing to tell us whatever we want to hear, even using God's word, to make wrong seem right, an attempt to gain global solidarity of power that promotes its own agenda. It is a self absorbed social justice that is mandating the faithful of its religion, to sin. What is really a sin??Is it the president and his political machine that are the gospel in our country? Can we no longer think for ourselves and decide what is best for us??Is the fundamental transformation, Mr. Obama is heading up, shredding our constitution and seizing our God given rights??Our freedoms are under siege, by the devil's advocates to weaken and ruin the soul of man.

What is going to happen when the Catholics stand true to their faith and Catholic healthcare providers (hospitals, schools, charities, agencies, etc.) close? Some of the largest research and finest hospitals in the U.S. (world) like Mayo Clinic, etc., have made renown advancements and contributions to promote life and cures all people regardless of their differences?(rich, poor, cultures, race, etc.) would close. God taught love for all men not class warfare and racial inequality. Churches of all denominations are coming together to defend their right to practice their faith in thought, word and deed. Our freedom of religion is under attack. It is not a matter of health care or women's rights, but the individual's choice to follow his or her moral conscious in the teaching of his or her religion. It is any religion. It is any religion that practices what it preaches. Our religious beliefs encompass every aspect of ourselves:?how we worship, marriage, how we raise and educate our children and workplace ethics. The government discourages individual success and is now arrogant to extract more of the individuals' earnings to pay the dictatorial government that is growing too big. It is a government takeover of our individual rights secured to us in the constitution that the president took an oath to preserve. He is a good speaker but does not speak for the people, but rather makes promises he doesn't keep, plays to certain groups to get their votes and tramples on the majority for their own means. We need to remember that our country is a nation of individuals, not one size fits all, no government mandate for all; this is what religious freedom is all about:?individual choice and moral conscience.

Refer to the scripture 1Timothy 1:3-10 about false doctrines and 2Timothy 3:1-9 to learn more about secularism.

Remember God's gift to us is life, our gift to Him is what we make of our lives.

For those who believe in God, no explanation is necessary. For those who do not believe in God, no explanation is possible (signed)?Lois Graettinger

Graettinger, IA



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