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Residents Reminded: Keep Your City Clean

May 22, 2012
by Jane Whitmore , Emmetsburg News

Grass mowing is in full swing and, once again, many residents are blowing grass clippings onto the street. Emmetsburg residents are reminded, when mowing next to the street grass clippings should be blown into the lawn and away from the street.

When grass clippings are in the street, they are swept into the storm sewer by wind and rain.

"I've been noticing a lot of grass clippings on the streets," Mayor Myrna Heddinger told the council and residents at the meeting of Emmetsburg City Council last week. "When people put long grass on the street and then the rains come along, it clogs our storm sewers. We pay tax dollars to have those storm sewers cleaned out."

Clean Up After Pets

Pet owners are reminded to carry a bag and pick up dog leavings from public and private properties.

"I have grandchildren. You go to the beach and dogs have left their residue. You go to the fairgrounds and the cemetery and dogs have left residue. People think because it's a public place that they don't have to pick it up," Mayor Heddinger stated. "If you have a kid running barefoot, do you want them to step in it??Or, do you want to step in it? I saw a little girl on the beach running and she fell flat on her face. I thought, dear God I hope there's no dog leavings where she's dropping her face."

The mayor added, "There needs to be a reminder for people who have animals to carry their bag with them and clean up after them. It's much appreciated by the citizens of the city."



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