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Lakeside Lutheran Home

September 4, 2013
Emmetsburg News

Great morning everyone. As all the children start back to school we picked up our Bibles and continued to read from the book of " Daniel" during Bible reading. After which we went to the dining room to toss a few bean bags. When we finished up with that Karen Porath came in to play the piano for us while we held a sing along. Thank you to Karen also for the donation of sweet corn it is always so yummy to enjoy this time of year.

This afternoon Pastor Gallo came in to offer us Methodist communion. We all gathered to husk the corn. We visited and enjoyed some trivia time as well. Wednesday morning after Bible reading, the men gathered in the dining room for a men's coffee.

This afternoon Jay and Judy Clarke came in to play some wonderful music for us. Ruth Kerber came in also this afternoon with a delicious cake for us to share. We also had a card game going with Homer Rehm, Connie Smith, Ellen Behrends and Dorothy Kern playing each other in 500.

This mornings Bible readers read in the book of Joel. We gathered for exercises and stretched our minds as well as or muscles with naming some of our bones. Thank you to Pastor Thackery for leading us in Bible study this morning with his teaching from the book of Luke reminding us Our Faith is what is needed to enter the narrow door to salvation. Trust and believe and keep our Faith.

This afternoon we took a van ride and enjoyed the sunny day together at the park. Bible readers gathered to continue in the books of Joel and Amos. This morning in bingo Connie Baumann guessed the mystery number. Irene Pierce won the jack pot bingo with 8 numbers.

This afternoon ladies gathered in the activity room to visit and have a manicure and nails polished. Others came to put the puzzle together, listen to story time and play cards. Saturday morning we got together in the activity room for some coffee and conversation. For dinner this afternoon we had some birthday cake from Rose McFarland and family. Then we loaded up in the van for a ride around town.

This mornings Bible readers continued in the book of Amos, finished the book of Obadiah and began in the book of Jonah. Bingo players enjoyed playing the 'L' bingo game for Lakeside Lutheran this morning. No one guessed the mystery number today.

This afternoon Catholic Communion was held in the dining room. Card players and game players gathered in the activity room to enjoy a cool afternoon playing games inside together.

This last weeks visitors were Heidi & Owen were here to visit John Kirschbaum. Deb Kibbie and Wilma were here to visit with Arlene Henkelvig. Donna was here to visit Delbert Berninghaus. Brian Westergard & Deloris were here to see Donald Westergard. Dan Mills was here to visit Marg Mills. Trudy Sonksen and Arlene Webster were here to visit Irene Pierce. Sue was here to visit Dawn Oppedal. Logan & Haley Nissen, Barb & Dale Nissen were here to visit Irene Nissen. Leo & Jan were here to see Dick Eagan.



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