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Obeying Rules of the Road

June 26, 2014
by Kate Myers , Emmetsburg News

There are rules of the road for walkers and bicyclers and motorists that will keep everyone safe. Emmetsburg Police Chief Eric Hanson outlined some of the laws.

Pedestrians:?When walking on the street, walk against the flow of traffic on the opposite side of the road. This is the rule of the road unless there is a marked/signed pedestrian crossing. Marked and designated crosswalks are governed by stop or yield signs.

Once a pedestrian walks out onto the marked crosswalk, motorists must stop to allow the pedestrian safe passage.

Bicycles: Obey every law and rule of the road as motorists. Ride with the flow of traffic. Use hand signals when turning. Yield the right-of-way, like a motorist.

Moped riders: This, too, is a motorized vehicle and must obey speed limits and all other rules of the road for drivers of a car or truck.

Golf cars can be operated on the street between sunrise and sunset. Drivers must have a valid operator license, and orange flag and SMV sign. Golf cars cannot be operated on Main and Broadway, but can cross either of these streets to get to the destination.

"We continue to educate our local motorists and those traveling through our community about stopping for pedestrians within the crosswalk," said Hanson. "We are in a unique situation with four lanes of traffic on Highway 4 and Highway 18 in our downtown business district. Drivers in the outside lanes must alert for pedestrians in the crosswalk, trying to cross the street."



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