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Cabin Life

July 24, 2014
By Cecilia Durham-Moen , Emmetsburg News

Ah, cabin life! Recently Mark and I spent a couple of nights at our cabin, and it was wonderful! While we call it 'our' cabin, it actually belongs to Winnebago County Conservation. It's a great little spot and this is the second year we've stayed there. I think it's becoming a tradition for us! It's far enough away to be away from home, yet near enough that it's a short drive.

There's something about going camping or to a cabin that just helps you relax. The fresh air? The vast sky? The lake water? The campfire smoke? The choices are too numerous to count!

We weren't really off-line or out-of-touch because we still had the World Wide Web a finger's touch away on our phones. We'd even brought the laptop in case it stormed and we wanted to watch a movie. I guess the magic is, that it was easier to decide how WE wanted to interact with the world by not randomly chatting on the phone or constantly checking Facebook.

Part of the joy of camping is definitely the food! Mark grilled supper and I love the charbroil on burgers. As a coffee lover everyday of the week, I insist coffee tastes even better when enjoyed in the great outdoors. Marshmallows are not a part of our normal diet but when we're camping we always have a marshmallow roast and it's always great fun. Mark likes his marshmallows flaming and burned to a crisp; whereas I try to get mine to be an all-over golden brown.

We enjoyed the bird watching: seeing pairs of scarlet cardinals, yellow goldfinches, and several other gorgeous birds in a variety of color combinations. We always enjoy watching the sky, especially at sunrise, sunset, and as storms approach or depart. This time we saw grey roiling clouds, a giant double rainbow and a sky the color of orange sherbet. And, as always, we fish. This year the fishing wasn't too good. Mark caught a couple bluegills but I got nothing but nibbles that eventually snitched my worm. Still, there's something fabulously relaxing about fishing for us. This year we added a new game - dodging the mosquitoes! I think they were out in great herds even though we were coated in Deet.

Overall the very best thing about camping is that the only demand is the one you put on yourself when you get hungry and need to get up and fix a meal!



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