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Cardboard and Compost

December 6, 2016
Emmetsburg News

To the Editor:

I'm writing in defense of Sally Brennan, she has learned through the years that there are ways to stop weeds without chemicals and increases the richness of the earth. She puts cardboard down with compost over it and it breaks down over winter and the cardboard gives off sugar as it breaks down and draws earthworms enriching the soil, so no chemicals and recycling cardboard, two benefits. This is a garden it is meant to be used, not for someone's visual beauty, if you want beauty go to a manicured park.

I did this many years in the city of Edina, MN and in Spirit Lake, IA. I did it in the fall and it was all dirt in the spring. This is a great thing to do, so why is Emmetsburg tearing up her garden? I think they should pay her back by helping her, not making her job harder. She is a hard worker, and couldn't do it that week when the rain came and then was away for Thanksgiving.

(signed) Susan Sundlin

Spirit Lake, IA



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