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My Unusual Hobby

March 24, 2017
by Anesa McGregor , Emmetsburg News

Like almost everyone in the world, I have those things that I consider fun and relaxing, almost therapeutic. And like most people, I have those things that I like to do, but I don't consider them hobbies, such as jewelry making crafts, reading and decorating. These are things that I simple enjoy doing and do all the time. I consider a hobby as something that I enjoy doing but do not do all the time.

I've always been a tomboy so the hobby of collecting shoes or purses is simply not I. In fact, I probably only have three pairs of shoes. I have started to carry a purse recently but only in the last few years. The way I see it, I'm not spending hundreds of dollars on a pair of shoes or a purse; in fact, my hobbies do not cost a dime, unless I choose to.

I have a rock collection that started when I was young. I collect rocks from everywhere, the beach, driveways, roads, anywhere you can find a pebble, that's where I look. I have boxes and jars full of rocks. One of my favorites is the smooth brown rock that can be found everywhere. However, if a rock catches my eye and I pick it up, I keep it.

Another favorite of mine is amber. If you've seen Jurassic Park, you know what I am talking about. Amber is made of tree sap that has hardened under pressure. Whatever the tree sap stuck to leaves small deposits inside the amber. It is yellowish in color. You can't see through it but you can see small things that have been trapped inside. I have a piece of amber with a bug inside that I found on a gravel road in the county.

There are certain areas around Palo Alto County where a person can simply walk and find flint chips, arrowheads and other Native American tools. I have found many, many flint chips and a few arrowheads as well as discarded chunks of obsidian, which were used but left behind.

I go for walks in the spring, summer and fall before the snow flies on gravel roads in the area. I never realized it until recently, but when I am outdoors and walking, I watch the ground ahead of me and seldom look up. It doesn't matter if I am in grass, on hard surface or in a store; I look down.

Realizing I watch the ground reminded me of the snake I stepped on when I was little. The memory of a child does exaggerate but I remember the snake wrapping around my ankle and biting the tendon on the back of my foot. This may have happened or my mind may have embellished the incident. Whatever is true, I do owe that snake for the inexpensive hobby that I truly enjoy picking up rocks.



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