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Disproven Myths

March 28, 2017
by Dan Voigt , Emmetsburg News

Time to turn to the Internet for some little-known trivia, in the form of myths that still exist, but have been disproven. As I looked at this list, I was quite surprised by some of these myths, and the fact that people still believe them. I'll share some of them with you, and let you decide for yourselves...

Dogs see black and white - Nope, they see color. They just see less of it than humans.

Camels store water in their humps - They don't carry water in their humps. It's fat. For some reason, lots of people still believe in the whole water thing.

Sleeping with your fan on kills you - In Asia, lots of people still believe this. It has to do with a belief that the fan will somehow blow the air out of the room.

Lightning doesn't strike twice in the same spot - It doesthat's the whole point of a lightning rod.

Cracking your knuckles gives arthritis - It's an old wive's tale.

Liars tend to avoid eye contact - This is false. Furthermore, the average person makes for a horrible lie detector. Without training, it is incredibly hard to detect a good liar. Note: even polygraphs have been proven to be pretty near useless in detecting lies.

Vikings had horns on their helmets - Not a single piece of evidence has ever pointed to this conclusion.

Microwaves can give you cancer - No they can't, and the reason is fairly simple. They are not "ionizing." Only high frequency UV radiation, X-rays, and gamma rays have enough energy to free electrons from molecules. Worry about the sunnot your microwave.

Note: your cellphone falls into the same category. It doesn't emit ionizing radiation, so don't worry.

The moon landings were faked - 1) If they were really faked, the Soviets would have relished in proving to the world how the Americans had faked a moon landing. 2) If NASA faked a few moon landings, why would they stop? 3) The technology to fake something of that magnitude just didn't exist in the 1960's. 4) We left mirrors on the moon so that we could measure the exact distance from Earth using lasers. Those mirrors are still there, and if you get yourself a strong enough laser you can make the measurements as well (Lunar Laser Ranging Experiment).

Yellowstone is going to explode - Yes, it is volcanically active. No, it isn't going to erupt anytime soon. Just ask the National Parks Service or the US Geological Survey, both of whom have spent some amount of time dispelling this myth.

Vaccines cause autism - The study that led to this belief has been debunked numerous times as being fraudulent. The author, Andrew Wakefield, even lost his medical license in the UK for manipulating evidence and breaking ethical codes. Put simply, vaccines do not cause autism. Moreover, the fact that some people would rather have their kids be dead than autistic is quite insulting to people who genuinely have autism.

Note: autism is not even necessarily a bad thing. The world is significantly better off thanks to autistic people, many of whom have made significant contributions to society.

Sugar makes kids hyper - This has actually been disproven. Scientists have given children non-sugary sweets (but told their parents there was sugar in them), and parents still thought the children acted more hyper. Nope, kids are just hyper in general. And when they do get sweets, they're usually happy. Also, birthday parties have played a significant role in setting up this false connection in people's heads. Remember, correlation doesn't imply causation.

Chew on those, and always remember, if you see it on the Internet, it HAS to be true!



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