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Entertainment In Your Back Yard

March 30, 2017
by Jane Whitmore , Emmetsburg News

What talent we have in our own back yard -- and I am not talking about the busy little bunnies, the squirrels and our returning winged friends who sing to us each morning.

Last weekend we were entertained by with great music: Friday night by The Cornbelt Chorus, and Saturday night by Emmetsburg Main Street Community Theatre.

The Cornbelt Chorus presented "Tomorrow's Trip Through Time" with some familiar songs. Their harmony is fantastic as we watch and enjoy familiar faces on stage.

There were a couple of quartets who crooned some tunes (thanks, Bill and Don). Classic Act, and Four the Record are quite the performers. Then toss in the guest quartet, Lunch Break. They are quite the showmen, who kept the audience laughing. How fun to have them here in Emmetsburg and Algona to share their music.

The next night it was off to Emmetsburg Main Street Community Theatre for the musical "Church Basement Ladies." This cast of five took us back to the 1960s when the church basement was the hub of the church. Once again it was a night of great music.

The basement of Bethany Lutheran Church in Emmetsburg is such a great setting for this musical which is set in the basement of East Cornucopia Lutheran Church in Cornucopia, MN. Actually, I was transported (in my mind) to the basement of the Presbyterian Church in West Bend. As the ladies sang and prepared meals in the play, I could see all of us in our West Bend church doing the same things back in the 1960s.

Those of you who want to experience a "traditional Lutheran dinner," get there an hour early. Minced ham sandwiches, lime jello, Cheese Whiz and olives on rye bread, spam and macaroni salad, and an assortment of pickles. That's what we ate ... back then.

There isn't another chance to hear the Cornbelt Chorus this Spring, but there are three more shows of "Church Basement Ladies" this weekend.

If you want to experience life in the 1960s, with music from five great voices, head to Bethany Lutheran this Friday or Saturday, for shows at 8 p.m. and Sunday for a 2 p.m. matinee.?Get there an hour earlier for "dinner."

As the ladies sing and speak about life in their community and church, wearing their dresses covered by an apron, the theme comes across: there is no place closer to heaven than a church basement.

"Church Basement Ladies" is another great performance by Main Street Community Theatre. Check it out.



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