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Twin Lakes Conference Releases Post Season Teams

August 1, 2017
by Dan Voigt , Emmetsburg News

Coaches of the Twin Lakes Conference have released the 2017 Softball and Baseball All Conference teams. Several players from Graettinger-Terril/Ruthven-Ayrshire and West Bend-Mallard/Gilmore City-Bradgate are among the honorees this season for their play on the diamonds.

Softball Honorees

For the Titans of Graettinger-Terril/Ruthven-Ayrshire, Sophomore Chloe Bakken was named to the Twin Lakes All Conference First Team as a Utility player. Named to the second team for the Titans were junior Madison Norris as a Pitcher, along with Freshman Madison Hough as a Catcher and Sophomore Toni Alesch as an Infielder.

Earning Honorable Mention for the Titans were juniors Taylor Park and Anna Sorenson for their play this past season.

For the Lady Wolverines of West Bend-Mallard/Gilmore City-Bradgate, Senior Elizabeth Gehrt was named to the Twin Lakes All Conference Second Team unit as an Infielder, while Honorable Mention recognition was awarded to senior Taylor Fogarty and Junior Jessica Morey.




First Team

Abby Kraemer, So. Alta Aurelia, Pitcher

Olivia Larsen, So. Newell-Fonda, Pitcher

Lily Peterson, Jr. Alta-Aurelia, Catcher

Kasey Lundberg, So. Southeast Valley, Catcher

Jessica Flaherty, So. Alta-Aurelia, Infielder

Megan Morenz, Fr. Newell-Fonda, Infielder

Payton Hjerleid, Sr. Pocahontas Area/LM, Infielder

Hailey Nepple, Jr. St. Mary's, Infielder

Brittany Turnquist, So. Alta-Aurelia, Outfielder

Emily Archer, Sr. Newell-Fonda, Outfielder

Darma Tripp, Sr. Sioux Central, Outfielder

Morgan Castenson, So. Southeast Valley, Utility

Kenzie Crampton, Fr. Southeast Valley, Utility

Chloe Bakken, So., GT/RA, Utility

Second Team

Maddy Norris, Jr. GT/RA, Pitcher

Kara Wilkens, So. East Sac County, Pitcher

Madison Hough, Fr., GT/RA, Catcher

Jessica Sandhoff, Sr. St. Mary's, Catcher

Rowan Kolpin, So. Alta-Aurelia, Infielder

Emma Stewart, So. Newell-Fonda, Infielder

Toni Alesch, So. GT/RA, Infielder

Elizabeth Gehrt, Sr, WBM/GCB, Infielder

Jaiden Ackerson, Sr. Southeast Valley, Outfield

Jocelyn Johnson, Jr. Pocahontas Area/LM, Outfield

Lexi Vanderwoulde, Sr. St. Mary's, Outfield

Ella Larsen, 8th. Newell-Fonda, Utility

Morgan Grosely, Sr. East Sac County, Utility

Drew Pochinski, Jr. South Central Calhoun, Utility

Honorable Mention

Morgan Jacobson, Sr., Alta-Aurelia

Annika Patton, So. Alta-Aurelia

Shelby Cummins, So. Southeast Valley

Maggie Walker,, 8th, Newell-Fonda

Taylor Park, Jr. GT/RA

Anna Sorenson, Jr. GT/RA

Hannah Schmidt, Sr. East Sac County

Kenzie Sullivan, Sr. Pocahontas Area/LM

Olivia Schaller, Jr. St. Mary's

Taylor Fogarty, Sr. WBM/GCB

Jessica Morey, Jr. WBM/GCB

Ashlee Grady, Sr. Manson Northwest Webster

Dani Boettcher, Jr. Sioux Central

Sydnie Schultz, Sr. South Central Calhoun

Dave Turnquist, Alta-Aurelia - Coach of the Year



Conf Over

Alta-Aurelia 10-0 27-6

Southeast Valley 9-125-9

Newell-Fonda 8-227-11

GT/RA 6-417-12

East Sac County 6-413-18

Pocahontas Area/LM 5-512-16

St. Mary's 4-6 7-15

West Bend-Mallard/GCB 3-711-16

Manson Northwest Webster 2-8 4-16

Sioux Central 1-9 5-22

South Central Calhoun 1-9 2-17

Baseball Honorees

For the Titans of Graettinger-Terril/Ruthven-Ayrshire, Junior Brady Rosacker was named to the Twin Lakes All Conference Second Team as a Pitcher. Named to the Honorable Mention squad for GT/RA was Freshman Jace Naig.

For the Wolverines of West Bend-Mallard/Gilmore City-Bradgate, Senior Jeff Riesenberg was named to the Twin Lakes All Conference Second Team unit as an Infielder, with teammate Cole Hoskins, a sophomore, also being named to the Second Team as an Outfielder.

Additionally, the Wolverines Danie Riesenberg, a junior, was accorded Honorable Mention recognition for his play during the recently-completed season.




First Team

Alex Snyder, Jr. Alta-Aurelia, Pitcher

Mac Prior, Sr. Sioux Central, Pitcher

Nolan Johnson, Jr. Southeast Valley, Pitcher

Jordan Wendel, Sr. Alta-Aurelia, Catcher

Franky Perkins, Sr., Sioux Central, Catcher

Dylan Baumhover, Sr. East Sac County, Infielder

Reed Kruse, Sr. Newell-Fonda, Infielder

Matt Toms, Sr. South Central Calhoun, Infielder

Michael Demers, Sr. St. Mary's Infielder

Nate Pedersen, Jr. Newell-Fonda, Outfielder

Jaxon Myers, Jr. Southeast Valley, Outfielder

Donovan Perry, Sr. Manson NW?Webster, Outfielder

Jace Davidson, So. Pocahontas Area/LM, Utility

Kyler Steinborn, Jr. South Cental Calhoun, Utility

Second Team

Logan McCoy, Fr. Alta-Aurelia, Pitcher

Jake Hanson, So. Sioux Central, Pitcher

Brady Rosacker, Jr. GT/RA, Pitcher

Cody Voss, Jr. Newell-Fonda, Catcher

Eric Abens, Sr. Manson NW?Webster, Catcher

Aric Stephan, So. Alta-Aurelia, Infielder

Brady Rusk, Sr. Sioux Central, Infielder

Shea Ruffridge, Jr. Pocahontas Area/LM, Infielder

Jeff Riesenberg, Sr. WBM/GCB, Infielder

Kaleb Sleezer, Jr. Alta-Aurelia, Outfielder

Ethan Nissen, So. East Sac County, Outfielder

Cole Hoskins, So, WBM/GCB, Outfielder

Levi Olhausen, Jr. East Sac County, Utility

Bryce Coppock, Fr. Newell-Fonda, Utility

Honorable Mention

Ryan Radke, Sr. Alta-Aurelia

Chase Jessen, Jr. Sioux Central

Christian Davidson, 8th, Pocahontas Area/LM

Sam Scott, Sr. East Sac County

RJ?Rojas, So. Newell-Fonda

Dakota Jaeschke, Sr. Southeast Valley

Tyler O'Tool, Sr. South Central Calhoun

Jace Naig, Fr. GT/RA

Derek Girard, So. Manson Northwest Webster

Danie Riesenberg, Jr. WBM/GCB

Jeff Scharn, Sioux Central - Coach of the Year



Conf Over

Alta-Aurelia 9-1 18-12

Sioux Central 9-1 16-12

Pocahontas Area/LM 6-4 20-11

East Sac County 6-4 12-9

Newell-Fonda 5-5 19-10

Southeast Valley 5-5 13-15

South Central Calhoun 5-5 12-15

GT/RA 4-6 9-12

St. Mary's 3-7 8-12

Manson Northwest Webster 2-8 3-18

West Bend-Mallard/GCB 1-9 4-22



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