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Do Unto Others...

September 12, 2017
Emmetsburg News

At the Supervisor's meeting last Tuesday I went to watch Invenergy begin to file their site plan. The Supervisors have also set a date for a public comment meeting. The Supervisors tell me that the people in town support the wind installation for the revenue. Is that true? The people in the proposed industrial wind installation have the chance to make the most money yet most of the people who live there have still refused to sign Invenergy's contracts.

Some say "It is their land, they can do what they want." I say that too until the negative impacts reach across the property line to neighbors. Invenergy/Mid American are offering "Good" Neighbor Agreements to landowners within mile of the project's boundaries. The contract gives the landowners money for the landowner's agreement to put up with those negative impacts and their agreement not to complain about or file suit regarding those negative impacts. I think a true good neighbor would just give the landowners annual money for being made to put up with their project for the rest of their lives. Leave the contract out of it.

mile would have been a proper setback. Invenergy could have asked for waivers. Even our Planning and Zoning thought so. The Supervisors did not listen. Now the Planning and Zoning Committee have washed their hands of this project. It is all on the Supervisors.

I watched the Supervisors come up with road agreements, drainage agreements, talk about decommissioning agreements so I asked what their plan was if people that they were elected to protect have problems with Invenergy's turbines. The Supervisors were clear that they have not thought much about it.

I then asked Invenergy why there are so many testimonies, documentaries, videos, studies and books that detail the problems with Industrial Wind being sited too close to residences. The prompt response I got? "They are all lying."

The Supervisors then asked "well, what about hog confinements?" They are saying that since rural citizens have to put up with hog confinements that they should also have to put up with wind turbines. I suppose that with the next nuisance proposed that their argument will be "well, they have to put up with confinements and turbines so they can put up with this next thing too". At least the hog confinements actually honor a setback of of a mile from residences and have a symbiotic relationship with farming. People in town still are far more protected from both turbines and confinements than rural residences yet it looks like the folks in the city and the people who don't live here get to decide what the townships have to live with.

Last I asked Linus if this installation would have happened if the township residents had been able to vote on it. He said "No."

Janna Swanson

Ayrshire, Iowa

Board Member of the Coalition for Rural Property Rights



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