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Don Quixote,Revisted, Part II

October 19, 2017
Emmetsburg News

Editor's Note: Due to the length of this Letter to the Editor, it has run in two parts. To read part one, please see The Reporter published on Tuesday, Oct. 17.

Another issue brought up, was a study conducted by a particular land appraiser determining that turbines cause reduced property values for the surrounding land. In response, an Invenergy representative criticized the individual by claiming he was the target of a lawsuit, neglecting to mention that the suit was initiated by Invenergy itself. I would also like to briefly address the editorial "We Don't Own the Sky", printed in this newspaper, where the writer praises the due diligence of our county officials regarding this matter. I must vehemently disagree. At the meetings on Sept 26, and Oct 10, they were asked if they had read all of the documentation provided by Invenergy regarding its application to the county and whether they had even looked at the maps showing the placements and decibel levels of the turbines. Also, they were asked if they had read the reports and recommendations provided by a sound study, the DNR, State Archeologist, and others. Their answers, which have been recorded, were a shocking no. Do all of these reports even exist? This is due diligence? Give me a break! Primarily, due to local greed, many people's disregard for their neighbors, and an egregious lack of due diligence by our county officials, I have a sad response to the aforementioned editorial, Apparently our Iowa sky along with our health, homes, farms, and wildlife are going to be owned by Invenergy, and billionaire investor in MidAmerican Energy, Warren Buffet.


Stephen Mathis, PhD Economics

Professor Emeritus Shippensburg University



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