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The Places You’ll Go

May 18, 2018
by Dan Voigt , Emmetsburg News

ercises, you often hear student speakers quoting from the works of childhood author Dr. Seuss and his book, "The Places You'll Go."

While some might say the phrase can be overused, I?ask your indulgence for a couple of minutes as I?try to send a message to the graduates of the area.

Dear graduates, as you sit in your cap and gown, waiting impatiently for your name to be called. You're focused solely on making that walk across the stage to be handed your diploma, shake a hand or two, and go sit down.

Of course, you'll do your best to sneak a look inside the diploma cover just to make sure it's all signed, and then, just then, it might start to hit you, if it hasn't before this moment.

Yes, a part of your life for 13 years has come to an end. As some would say, you've turned the page in your book of life to start the chapter of adulthood. Some of you are more than ready to move on, some of you think you are ready, and some of you may find that you're not as ready as you think.

That's normal.

No one is ever fully ready for the road ahead of them. You can plan, for sure, map out your future educational plans, but there's this little thing called "Life" that sometimes has other plans for you.

The secret, if there is one, is to be adaptable. Don't be so focused in on one small point that you lose sight of the bigger picture. If life deals you an alternate plan, you examine the options, develop a response to fit the new parameters. But never, never lose sight of your dreams.

Dreams are a wonderful thing, everyone has a dream of something they want to do, or wish they could have accomplished, and that's normal. Sometimes, the dreams are a bit far-fetched, I will never get to run sound for the Maynard Ferguson Orchestra, but it was a great dream.

Am I?upset it didn't happen??No, but I've been able to do other things that have made up for it. I've run sound for other performers and I'll have those memories.

And when you look at that classmate that you've seen almost every day for 13 years as you walk out of your commencement ceremonies, remember this - Everyone has a dream and if you can somehow help someone to realize their dream in your life, then you are doing something wonderful with your life. It may not be your dream, but the thing to remember is that part of being a good person is to remember you are not the only person on this rollercoaster ride of life. Everyone needs some help for something at one point or another in life. Don't ever close your life to everyone else. Be a friend, be helpful, be kind and most of all, be compassionate to your fellow citizens.

We can all agree that the best thing in life is peace and happiness for everyone.

Our best wishes to all of you in your future endeavors!



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