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Pay Raise Approved For Acting City Administrator

June 5, 2018
By Darren Fraser , Emmetsburg News

At its May 29 6:00 pm meeting, Emmetsburg City Council approved a pay raise for acting City Administrator Kim Kibbie.

Kibbie was elected interim city administrator at the council's May 21 meeting. Council members discussed her bump in pay after the meeting concluded. At last Tuesday's meeting, Councilmember Brian Campbell proposed Kibbie should be paid a salary of $66,500, retroactive to May 21. The council voted unanimously for the raise.

On a related note, in answer to a question regarding the city administrator opening, Councilmember Mike Burdick, Jr. said the hiring process would start again once the personnel committee determines when it would begin interviewing candidates.

Bolton & Menk engineer Wes Brown gave an update on the campground sewer pipe project repairs. Brown said the camera used to scope the pipes broke. It was supposed to be repaired two weeks ago but that did not happen. Before its camera broke, the camera crew had scoped 75 percent of the project. Based on these results, Brown identified four critical issues.

Two issues relate to leaky or broken Y joints; the other issues concern joints not put together. Brown described these as small, isolated repairs. He added that four of the repairs are critical for the project to be operational.

Brown passed out a diagram identifying where pipes sag in the project. He said these sags might be due to sediment that got into the pipes during construction. Brown recommended bringing in Hulstein Excavating as soon as possible. Hulstein will focus on fixing the four critical issues so the campground can open July 1. The company will then tackle the laundry list of other non-critical items going forward and into the fall. He added that the remaining 25 percent of piping would be scoped during this period.

Some councilmembers expressed concern about Hulstein fixing the repairs it initially caused by its shoddy workmanship. Brown noted the crew that installed the system has been fired. New employees will work on the repairs under supervision from Bolton & Menk.

Kibbie said plans for cabin two at the campground are moving forward. She said the finishing touches are being applied to cabin one. Cabin one will open July 1 regardless of the status of the sewer pipe project.

Public Properties Director Frank Kliegl reported 9,000 feet of dredging pipe has been removed from Five Islands Lake and another 2,000 feet will be removed in the coming days. When the remaining 2,000 feet is removed, Kliegl said there will be no more dredging pipe in the lake.

Kliegl said work on the one-way streets by West Elementary School would begin after school lets out for summer.

Economic Developer Darrick Young reported on the eight rentable bikes parked at the golf course. New locks are on order for the bikes. Once the locks arrive and the bikes are moved to a more desirable location away from the golf sheds Young said the city should receive revenue from rentals. Young mentioned moving four of the bikes to Soper Park.

Activity at the ALCO building has picked up. Young said an interested party would be visiting the building for the third time. The prospective tenant is a sales company.

Consent agenda items receiving approval from the council included:

Class B beer and Sunday sales for Pizza Hut;

Palo Alto County Gaming Development Corporation Home Ownership Grant for Michelle Woodyard; and

Fiscal year 2018-2019 Cigarette/Tobacco/Nicotine Vapor Permit for Dyno's

Under new business, the council awarded the fiscal year 2018-2019 general street improvements contract to Blacktop Services. The city sent out three requests; Blacktop was the only company to respond. The council approved the service contract for fiscal year 2018-2019 for Regional Transit Authority, Inc. (RIDES). Lastly, the council approved the underground electrical easement with MidAmerican Energy.

Mayor Heddinger adjourned the meeting at 6:30.



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