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Summer Vacation

June 29, 2018
Emmetsburg News

I retired one year ago the end of this month. Since then, it has been summer vacation every day - almost.

After 44 years in the newspaper business, it was quite a transition going from daily deadlines to no deadlines at all. There is always a print project at the newspaper that has a deadline looming. That was my world for many, many years. We worked together and got the job done.

Before I left the newspaper last year, I was asked to come back and complete a couple of projects a year: the Chamber of Commerce book, and the Visitor Guide. Through the years, with a lot of assistance from former creative staffers, I learned to put a book together. It's still a challenge.

These two projects give me the opportunity to still be involved in the business.

The day of my retirement, family whisked me off on a mini-vacation. We shared a great couple of days talking and laughing, eating at great restaurants and being tourists. That began my summer vacation.

Reality set in when everyone went home and the house was empty.?Now was my chance to do what I really wanted to do. Decisions, decisions.

It didn't take long to develop a new routine. Morning coffee was extended from 20 minutes to a couple of hours. Appointments were scheduled around The Price Is Right (I don't know the price of anything, so I find this program rather amusing). Lunch may or may not fall over the noon hour. I actually see and visit with my neighbors on a more regular basis. I like this being at home business.

Of the many projects I had planned to do in retirement, most are still waiting for my attention. The days seem to evaporate like magic - a little project here, a little project there. Here a meeting, there a meeting, but nothing that takes too much time.

After a year, I still miss the daily interaction with people in the community. The Chamber Coffee visits help fill that void, along with serving on a couple of city committees and volunteering here or there.

We all need to be involved in our community. That's what keeps everything humming.

Here is the life lesson I have learned in the past year: Life without deadlines is very relaxing. Every day feels like summer vacation.



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