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Palo Alto County Fair Will Offer Free Escape Room Games To Fairgoers

July 6, 2018
Emmetsburg News

Palo Alto County Fairgoers will have the chance to experience one of the fastest growing games in the entertainment business. The Fair Board has hired a professional escape room company to provide three different escape rooms, at no charge to fairgoers.

An escape room is a game in which participants are "locked" in a room (although the room is never actually locked) and they must work together to follow clues and solve puzzles to find the way out of the room. To be successful, players must think creatively, communicate effectively, and move quickly.

There will be two escape rooms at the fair on Friday, July 20, from 12 noon to 8 p.m. in the south commercial building.

One scenario is the Locker Lockup, in which a group of bullies has hidden college scholarship awards and players must find and mail the package in the alloted time or lose their scholarships.

The other room on Friday will be Scared Straight. While touring the famous Alcatraz Prison, the tour group is locked in a cell and must figure out how to break out before the tour boat leave without them.

The third room will operate on Saturday, July 21, from 12 noon to 8 p.m. on the Open Air Pavilion stage. In the Excavation Agitation room players must find the proof that a previously unknown civilization exists after the paranoid professor hid the crucial pieces.

Each room will accommodate up to ten participants at a time, and puzzles are conducted in both 25-minute games and 55-minute games. Players aged 8 and up will enjoy the escape rooms, but players under 12 should be accompanied by at least one adult over 18.

Nationwide, escape rooms are most popular with those 20-60 years of age and are played by both women and men.

The games are provided by Escape Room Parties, a division of Evergreen Gifts, Fun Park & Escape Rooms of Park Rapids. The company is owned and operated by Tom & Barb Atwood of Gilmore City. The company is in its fifth year of operating escape rooms at the fun park in northern Minnesota. Mobile escape rooms were added as an offering in the winter of 2018 to provide mobile escape rooms for after-prom parties, corporate functions, and other group functions. While other mobile escape rooms utilize trailers for the rooms, Escape Room Parties constructs escape rooms within facilities to provide a more immersive atmosphere and flexibility for the events being served.

While participants may be able to walk up and experience the escape rooms, it is highly recommended that people utilize the free online booking tool. Go to and clicking on the "Can Your Escape" button at the top right corner. The bookings are on a first-come, first-served basis.

The Palo Alto County Fair runs July 19 through July 22 with free admission and free parking. A full schedule of events is on the website



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