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Hubbell Hopes to Bring Business Savvy to Governor’s Office

October 5, 2018
By Darren Fraser , Emmetsburg News

by Darren Fraser

Fred Hubbell is running for governor on the Democratic ticket, but on his campaign website, Hubbell refers to himself as a fifth-generation progressive.

Hubbell ran the chain store, Younkers, where, ironically, Kim Reynolds worked as a cashier. Hubbell has also been active in public issues, including mental health and the environment.

Hubbell's running mate is Rita Hart; both are native Iowans. Hart is an educator who has served in the Iowa Senate since 2012.

Hubbell is not a politician, but on his site, he points to examples of his civic involvement. He was instrumental in extricating the state from the state's film scandal in 2011. Other reports portray his involvement as limited.

Because Hubbell lacks a curricula vitae in politics, on his site he has provided plans for health reform and for improving the environment.

With respect to healthcare, Hubbell is highly critical of Reynolds' record, particularly with respect to mental health treatment. Hubbell points to studies that show Iowa is last in the nation when it comes to hospital beds despite the fact other states with roughly the same population as Iowa do not have the same problem.

Hubbell slams Reynolds over her support of Iowa's privatized Medicaid systems. His television spots feature a man in a wheelchair lamenting the fact he has to change residences because of the change to Medicaid. The commercial likens this change to a life and death situation for a person in the man's situation.

Hubbell is extremely critical of Reynolds' treatment of mentally ill individuals. He points to the closing of two mental health facilities during Reynolds' time as governor.

Hubbell's remedy is to perform a thorough audit of Medicaid. He also proposes combining state and private resources to create a new system to ensure no Medicaid recipient loses his or her benefits.

Hubbell advocates clean energy including wind and solar. He promotes changing CAFO rules so that Iowa's pork producers can earn a living and continue to be good neighbors. He also believes the state's Master Matrix needs to be revisited to ensure it keeps pace with pork and other expanding industries in the state.

Hubbell is pro-choice and served as the chair of Planned Parenthood of Mid-Iowa. On his website, Hubbell makes it clear he believes Planned Parenthood provides essential medical services that should be available to all women.

Education is another key issue for Hubbell/Hart. The duo advocates more funding for preschool through college. He believes Iowa has fallen short of its reputation as an education state. Hubbell advocates affordable higher institutes of learning and criticizes Reynolds for cuts to education budgets made on her watch.

Hubbell wants the state to invest more in job training and apprenticeships. He notes that during his stint as Director for the Department Economic Development, he made job training his priority. He stresses that when he becomes governor, affordable education, job training and apprenticeships will be at the core of his education platform.

Hubbell is married. He and his wife, Charlotte, live in Des Moines. They have three children and three grandchildren



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