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Zodiac Signs - Do They Fit

December 11, 2018
By Anesa McGregor , Emmetsburg News

I'm not a believer in astrology, nor do I believe that what my horoscope says in newspapers, magazines, etc. is even close to what the outcome could be.

I do; however, enjoy history and where ideas like the zodiac originated and if the personality described by a zodiac sign is even remotely close to a person born under a specific sign. Since I have looked up more information about my zodiac sign, that's the one I will discuss.

I was born June 5, 1964 in the morning. This means that my zodiac sign is Gemini and anyone born between May 21 and June 21 are also Gemini's.

Gemini, The Twins, is the third sign of the Zodiac in the horoscope. Gemini belongs to the element air and the quality mutable (to go with the flow). Gemini is considered a sign of light-minded intellectualism, the humorous one who refuses to take things very seriously or the character of the entertainer. A Gemini's charge is positive.

The sun enters Gemini on or around May 21. It's ruling planet is Mercury and Jupiter exalts in it. Gemini's motto is: "I think" and this sign brings a playful, curious and optimistic character to planets or other Zodiac signs.

Gemini' are playful, quick to laughter and just as quick to make others burst into laughing. Their motivation is basically just trying to have some fun. This is a Gemini's way of making the best of a situation without ignoring the magnitude or the ups and downs.

Gemini's are just as serious as everyone else. The fun and entertainment a Gemini provides are remedies for the eternal loneliness of the soul and the dreadful blows that life is sure to strike with now and then.

Gemini governs all things dependent on the flow of air in breathing. Therefore, a strong as well as a weakened Gemini tends to attract the common cold, whereas a weakened Gemini is also sensitive to flu and cough.

Asthma and other complications of breath and lungs are also connected to Gemini.

A typical Gemini is very outgoing, social and enjoys witty banter. They are usually labelled with the phrase 'jack of all trades, master of none'. Their natural curiosity and versatile mind means they have many interests. However, they can also become bored easily which sometimes prevent them from mastering a subject. Some Gemini's may have a split persona, one being the real them, the other being the image they want the world to see.

All of the above traits and characteristics of Gemini can be seen in my personality. As the sign of the twins, I can be more unpredictable than most. I enjoy life and living and will laugh with or without others.

I can also turn into, well I won't say it in print but you can guess, in the blink of an eye. I'm more intonator of that side of my personality than I was growing up, but the evil side of me does come through occassionally.

I guess you could say my motto is: "Live everyday to the fullest and have fun doing it. Have no regrets only learning experiences and life will become exactly the way it was supposed to."



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