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A B C's of Winter

December 27, 2018
By Anesa McGregor , Emmetsburg News

Like many, I receive emails from friends and family who live in the southern states where it seldom gets below 40 degrees. And like many, I get to hear how great the weather is when it's snowing and below zero here.

I find it fun to banter back and forth over weather and who has the best. A good friend sent me this list of the ABC's of winter. I found it to be close to what winter is like around here that I wanted to share it along with a few of my own thoughts on the subject.

A - abundance of snow, absolutely beautiful, amazing fun, Arctic weather, awesome (and it seems that we are definitely getting an abundance of snow early this year)

B - Brrr, boots, blizzard, below zero, beautiful scenery, blankets, bundled up

C - cold, Christmas, chilly, coats, cocoa, coughing, cozy, coasting

D - December, drifts, dashing through the snow, delicate patterns of frost, dressing warmly

E - earmuffs, energy, entertaining, enjoyment, enthusiasm, excitement (after most people reach that certain age and have dealt with winter for many years, the enjoyment, enthusiasm and excitement are gone)

F - February, freezing, fireplace, Frosty, fabulous fun, frost, first snowfall, fairyland (the fairyland ideal has long since gone by this time)

G - gliding on the ice, gloves, gleeful, glowing (now gliding on the ice means falling and breaking something so baby steps it is)

H - hot chocolate, holidays, hockey, hat, Hanukkah, happiness, hearth

I - ice, icicles, ice skating, ice hockey, igloo

J - January, jingle bells, Jack Frost, jacket, joyful

K - kids, kinfolk, Kris Kringle

L - luge, lovely landscape, layers of clothing, leather jacket

M - mittens, memories, muffler, magnificent, magical, Merry Christmas, Mother Nature at her loveliest

N - New Years, nature's glory, north wind (I also put November in this group and putting on the pounds begins)

O - old-fashioned fun, oodles of _____, ordinary day, outdoors, overshoes

P - peaceful, penguins, perfection, poinsettia, polar bears, pop corn

Q - quiet, quite ____, quilts

R - rabbit hunting, reflection, remarkable, rituals

S - snow, snow flakes, snowman, snow angel, skiing, sledding, shivering, sleigh rides, snow day, snowball fights, shoveling snow (we can't forget snowmobiling. It's not winter in Iowa if you don't hear and see snowmobiles in the ditches and fields tearing across the land and having a wonderful time)

T - toboggan, thrills, togetherness, traditions (Thanksgiving with family and eating until you can't eat anymore)

U - unbelievable, unforgettable

V - very ____, vigor, visiting

W - windchill, winter wonderland, whiteness, weather

X - eXcitement, eXtraordinary, Xmas, eXuberance

Y - yippee, young-at-heart, yule log

Z - zero degrees, zesty, zippy

This is the time of year when I like to read this poem and reflect on how the years have changed, mistakes I have made, special times I left behind.

A person can never get those times back, but remembering and daydreaming about how life was when I was a junior and senior in high school brings back a time in my young adult life when I was happiest.

Life was still carefree with no real obligtions or responsibilities.

The snowmobiling, ice fishing, snowball fights, getting stranded in the middle of nowhere in a blizzard.

Yes remembering childhood and young adulthood can be bitter sweet but I would change a thing.



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