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Iowa Migrated to San Antonio for the Valero Alamo Bowl

January 3, 2019
By Jane Whitmore , Emmetsburg News

Iowa migrated to San Antonio for the Valero Alamo Bowl. Visiting family here, we set off to join the crowd.

My grandson and I went to the River Walk the day of the Pep Rally. We were dropped off at St. Mary's Street, not really having a clear idea where we were going. For sure, we were on an adventure.

We walked down the steps from street level to the River Walk, then had to choose which direction we should go left or right. We went the direction of the most people. There were plenty of folks carrying heavy winter coats (we were in short sleeves). Were these people from Iowa? Or were they from Texas, anticipating a chilly evening along the river?

It wasn't long before we saw people wearing shirts with the Iowa State logo. Iowa State and Washington State had similar colors, so it was important to check for the logo.

The crowd thinned out as we walked along the river. It became apparent we should go the other direction. We found a map, which we should have looked at sooner, and realized we had a long way to go to the rally site. Our ride would be waiting. We headed back to street level.

As we drove several streets away, we heard the pep band and then caught a glimpse of the barge filled with crimson and gold down on the river.

Technically we did not attend the Pep Rally, but we got the flavor of the event. And, we saw that Iowa was definitely out in full force. There were plenty of posts on Twitter showing the huge crowd cheering for Iowa State.

We did not have tickets to the game. The best seats were at our house. The game was recorded so we could review the plays and fast forward through the commercials. Iowa State played a great game and came away with a tough loss of only two points.

Iowans got to enjoy a couple of warm Texas days in San Antonio then it rained, then it got down right cold. Our family walked the trails on a warm day, toured the Witte Museum on the rainy day, and stayed home on the coldest day.

Our day at the botanical center was chilly, but way warmer than Iowa. We walked the trails, learning about the plant life and searching for life sized (and larger than life) Lego creations. There was everything from a farmer and his wife in their garden, to a six-foot dragonfly. It was a delightful day.

Spending the holidays with family is so special. As our family grows and moves to different parts of the country, we treasure the time we spend together.

Here's wishing you and your family a year filled with wondrous adventures in 2019.



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