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Reader Says: Walls Are Not Effective

January 25, 2019
Emmetsburg News

To the editor:

Walls built to keep people out have a nearly unblemished record of futility. Prior to World War II, the French built a wall to keep the Germans out. It was called the Maginot line. The Germans went around it. To keep the Allies from liberating France, the Germans built a wall to keep the invaders out. At Omaha Beach, American forces blasted their way through it. Many Centuries earlier, the Chinese built a wall. Invaders climbed over it. Trump himself in a speech to a graduating class said something like, "If you find yourself facing a wall, go around it, under it or blast your way through it." So, even Trump knows that walls are not effective.

(signed) Alan Oppedal

Ruthven, IA



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