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What Are We Teaching Our Kids?

March 8, 2019
By Jane Whitmore , Emmetsburg News

Recently, I came across a list titled "40 Things To Teach Your Kids." Quite frankly, I thought everyone was teaching their children these basics of life. Let's review a few:

Children should learn:

How to write a letter and a 'thank you' note. This is becoming a lost art, due to e-mail and texting and other forms of social media.

How to make a phone call. We all think kids spend too much time on their cell phones the way it is, but there are proper procedures everyone should know.

How to take a message.?Haven't we all gotten home and there is a message on the table that is either undecipherable or illegible or incomplete?

How to get to know an older person. Hopefully all young people get to know their grandparents. If they haven't had that opportunity, stop at a nursing home and adopt a grandparent. They would be thrilled.

How to play with a baby. Not as easy as it sounds.

How to sew on a button. How many of you have a button box??In the "old days," people cut the buttons off an old shirt, saved them in a box, and used the shirt for a rag. That doesn't happen much any more.

How to read slowly. I'll add to that by saying children should learn to speak slowly and enunciate.

How to hammer a nail. Again, not as easy at it looks.

How to shake hands and introduce yourself. That should include looking up at the person's face, and smiling.

How to balance a check book. This is probably going to be a thing of the past with debit and credit cards. Cash??Who carries cash?

How to make scrambled eggs. Ramen is a staple for a lot of young people. It might be good with a scrambled egg! Too, kids should learn how to read a recipe and wash dishes.

How to do laundry. Children should learn to do laundry before they head out on their own and end up with a bunch of pink underwear. Add to this, how to iron a shirt.

How to read a map. Cars are getting as smart as cell phones and both come equipped with a map. But, can a kid pick up a paper map and find his/her way?

How to check tire pressure and change a tire. This is a must for anyone who drives.

How to have good table manners - or good manners in general. Kids should make it a practice to say please and thank you. Open the door for someone every day. People will appreciate your kindness.

How to do something well, even if no one is watching. We all need to learn to do things that make ourselves feel better.

And, we all need to learn to be kind!



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