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Construction Consulting Firm Meets With County Supervisors

April 3, 2019
By Anesa McGregor , Emmetsburg News

by Anesa McGregor

John Hansen from Midwest Construction Consultants of Houghton met with the Palo Alto County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, March 26, to discuss what his firm does and how payments are figured. Also, on hand were Emmetsburg City Clerk Billie Jo Joyce, Emergency Management Coordinator Mark Hunefeld, Palo Alto County Sheriff Lynn Schultes and Emmetsburg Police Chief Ryan Veldboom.

"Midwest Construction Consultants, we pride ourselves on the ability to provide owners and architects with accurate estimates allowing them to evaluate and make informed decisions for components," John Hansen, owner, began. "We assist you throughout the project. Beginning with the planning stage and through planning. Then we manage the contractors and are with you throughout the construction process. We specialize in law enforcement facilities"

Hansen went on to describe the company as an agency type of construction management firm. As such they act as the owner's representative. They are not the general contractor.

"Successful projects do not occur by themselves," Hansen said. "The most important choice involved in a project is the selection of key personnel."

According to Hansen, Key personnel determine the quality, value and service that will be delivered.

"At Midwest Construction Consultants, we utilize a hands-on approach with owners, staff, and design team," Hansen added. "We have found this is the best way to assure complete client satisfaction."

Hansen then described the planning process in steps. Step 1: This is where we determine your needs. This includes the development of the design, floor plan, and integration of spaces to provide an efficient layout for the new facility. Working with you, your building committees and the staff to determine needs.

Step 2: Consists of a conceptual estimate, which is based on space. This step allows clients to consider alternate components and space revisions to control costs prior to the development of schematic documents.

"We consider this to be a prime opportunity for the use of cost controls as the opportunity for savings decreases quickly once schematics are developed," Hanson added.

Step 3: Midwest Construction Consultants helps the client to choose an architect that will provide a team effort to meet the design and budget requirements that the owner established and approved.

"We have extensive experience in hiring architects and can provide you with recommendations that ensure the most qualified services at the best prices," Hansen said.

Hansen then pointed out the recently completed projects that are references to the ability and quality of the work Midwest Construction Consultants provide.

"The planning and construction of a new public safety center is a task is a task that requires specialized experience and knowledge to produce a func- tionally efficient facility," Hanson stated.

Hansen explained that the first thing is to evaluate the existing jail facility to see if it could still be a functioning part of a new facility. They will look at past records of inmates of a time and develop a profile, determining the room and space that is needed.

In Phase 1, which is the needs assessment and feasibility study, there is a base fee of $9,100 plus $ .59 per mile times 1 plus the cost of record documents and study books and construction document printing.

Phase 2 the base fixed fee is 3.95% of the approved budget plus $9,800 per month onsite supervision (the amount includes all reimbursables) plus the same fee structure as in phase one for mileage and document printing.

"Whether you choose our consulting firm or another one, it is important that you use one to help keep costs under control," Hansen stated.



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