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Think Iowa Is Boring Stay Awhile

April 17, 2019
By Anesa McGregor , Emmetsburg News

Every year, newspapers and magazines (especially in big cities on the east coast come out with their 10-this or that states. And every year it seems, Iowa makes the list for the 10 Most Boring States in the Country.

Being an Iowa girl, this makes me angry and I want to call up someone from the publication and ask them if they have every spent anytime in what I consider to be one of the greatest states in the nation, although to date I haven't done it yet, but someday.

In fact one places uses only the following criteria to decide is a state is boring or not and the higher the number the more boring they consider the state to be: 1. Percent of population over 65, 2. percent of households with kids, 3. percent of married households, and 4. population density. Guess where Iowa ranks. Iowa ranks number four in most boring states. Only Idaho, Utah, and Kansas rated higher.

The way they describe boring state is "The ones where seemingly everyone has an AARU card, and the most exciting thing they do all day is post a picture of their grandchild on Facework." I take offense by this description and feel that Iowa is full of excitement, things to do, places to go, and people to see.

Here is the way Iowa was described: Population is 3.1 million, Married Households are 52 %, Population over 65 is 15?% and Density is rated as 15th lowest. I don't know about anyone else, but what is so bad about these stats. I personally wouldn't want to live say New York City (population (8.623 million) or Los Angeles (population 4 million).

This is what else they said about Iowa:The website HomeSnacks ran the data on the 'best' states to live in America, and the top two states were Nebraska and Iowa. So a place with great jobs, solid schools and low crime is certainly appealing to many Americans.

But fun? Sheesh. Iowa is certainly not a fun place to live. The population is the eighth oldest in the nation, and there are only three other states where people are married at a higher rate.

For a large number of people in Iowa, excitement is getting a truck stuck in the mud or a night out at Denny's.

These people need to try mudbuggin sometime. Talk about fun.

At one time or another in my life, I have worked for what was considered two of the largest retail chains in the world. As a Department Manager and a Merchandise Manager, I have called almost every state in our nation and some overseas countries, and well, the people in other states really need to get out and explore the country once in awhile. They might really be surprised.

I used to get upset when I would get the ignorant questions such as "Where is Iowa? Aren't you on the Canadian border? Aren't the mountains cold?" One of my favorite calls I got was "Do you need any bib overalls?"

Most of the time I would reply with "Where do you think I live, another world. Maybe you should get out a map and figure out where Iowa is so you don't sound so uneducated next time."

As I got older, I began to find it humorous and would feed into their ignorant, uneducated questions with replies like "Yep, we need more overalls cause we done worn out the ones we got by sittin' on the dock fishin' and chewin' on a weed" or my favorite was "Got any camouflage overalls. I need to blend into the hills when I'm making moonshine. You should come up and try our local spirits."

I really think people from those so called best places to live should visit Iowa, meet and talk with the people. Drive the state and see for themselves just what life is like.

We may not be all rush to do this and rush to do that, but we live our lives to the fullest each and everyday and we do not take it for granted that tomorrow will always come.



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