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Cookbook Lore

May 31, 2019
By Jane Whitmore , Emmetsburg News

There are those who collect cookbooks and those who read cookbooks and there are those who cook with cookbooks. Those of us who are "non-cooks" fit all three categories at one time or another.

No sooner had we returned Quelcy Kogel's cookbook to Regina, and in the door came Barb Currans with "What's Cookin'??in Palo Alto County," published by the Veterans of Foreign Wars Auxiliary #2295, Emmetsburg.

In addition to recipes, there are some helpful diets. The most interesting is:

Body Building and Weight Gaining Diet - For those Underweight or Suffering from Malnutrition

General Instructions: Avoid sweet foods such as fruit cocktails, sweet salads, or sweetened fruit juice at the beginning of the meal, since they blunt the appetite. These foods should preferably be given at the end of the meal.

Highly spiced foods and extremely fatty foods are not recommended in the beginning.

The caloric intake of the diet should be increased by midmorning, midafternoon or bedtime lunches of fruit juices, milk or milk drinks and crackers.

Portions should be made fairly large.

Instead of ordinary cane sugar, lactose should be used, since a much larger quantity of this substance can be used in a dish as a sweetening. Honey may be substituted.

Rest periods are desirable after meals. Avoid all emotional disturbances during meals and take at least some outdoor exercise daily.

Light tea and coffee are permissible.

The diet should contain at least the following dietary essentials: -At least one pint of milk, preferably more. This milk may be given as a drink, or may be used in junket or chocolate pudding. -At least two servings of vegetables, one of which shall be a raw leafy vegetable. One serving of rice, noodles, macaroni or potatoes is to be included every day. -One serving of meat or two eggs per day, preferably both. -Fruit:?Two servings of fresh fruit per day. -Breads and cereals. -At least four slices of whole wheat bread, and one serving or whole wheat cereal should be used every day. -Dessert, preferably those made with milk, junket, and chocolate pudding should be included twice every day. -In addition it is wise to include several multi-vitamin capsules per day, even though the diet is sound according to the "vitamineral yardstick."

High Calorie Diet: In the following High Calorie Diet all foods must be eaten whether you have an appetite or not.

Breakfast:?Fruit (choice of one-half grapefruit, one sliced orange, one medium peach, baked apple, three stewed figs, or four to six stewed prunes). Cereal (one cup of farina type cereal, with cream and sugar, or oatmeal or whole wheat cereal or one shredded wheat biscuit with cream and sugar. White or whole sheat toast with butter or jam). Egg (soft boiled, poached or scrambled egg). Beverage?(light tea or coffee, cocoa, milk or chocolate).

10:30 a.m. Egg nog, malted milk, hot chocolate, or cocoa.

Lunch:?Soup (choice of one cup cream of spinach soup, asparagus soup, or tomato soup). Salad?(choice of one serving of combination salad, one serving of mixed vegetable salad, or salmon salad. To this should be added one tablespoonful or butter and one tablespoonful of mayonnaise). Bread (white or whole wheat toast, melba toast, bran or whole wheat muffin). Dessert (choice of chocolate pudding, bread pudding, tapioca pudding, or any flavor of gelatine. Raw fruit is especially good). Beverage?(light tea or coffee, cocoa, milk or chocolate).

3 p.m. Milk (hot or cold), cocoa, malted milk.

Dinner: Meat (choice of: generous serving of baked chicken, two lamb chops or medium serving of roast beef or beef tongue, medium serving of roast lamb or steak). Vegetables (choice of the following combinations:?one cup of carrots and two brown potatoes, two medium boiled potatoes and one cup of squash, one cup mashed potatoes and one half cup cauliflower, one large baked potato and one half cup broccoli). Salad (choice of the following:?one serving of lettuce and tomato salad, one serving of watercress and egg salad, one serving of grapefruit salad. The above salads should be taken with mayonnaise). Beverage (light tea or coffee, cocoa, malted milk). Dessert (choice of the following: fruit cup, chocolate pudding, prunewhip, custard, junket or gelatine desert, or a piece of plain cake. Raw fruit is especially good).



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