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Emmetsburg Hots Shots Rookie and Intermediate Levels Showed What They Have at State

June 11, 2019
By Anesa McGregor , Emmetsburg News

by Anesa McGregor

State Tournaments for trapshooting began on Wed. June 5 at AVAD Hunt Club in Coon Rapids, where approximately 412 individuals were all vying for the top position.

This was the first day of tournament action, which the Emmetsburg Hot Shots performed at the Rookie and Intermediate levels.

During the tournament, the rookie level would shoot 100 clay targets while the intermediate level would shoot 200 clay targets

The intermediate level competition was fierce with 64 squads competing equalling 412 individuals.

The Emmetsburg Hot Shot Rookies should be proud of their scores for their first year.

Cooper Rouse of Emmetsburg shot 51 out of 100 for 62 place and Jason Matheason shot 27 out of 100 for 83 place.

Shooting a moving target is not as easy as it seems.

At the Intermediate Entry Level - Squad Division, the Emmetsburg Hot Shots Green Team came in 24 place with a team score of 740 out of 1,000, with each member of the team shooting at 200 targets.

Tanner Jone, Rolfe, shot a 174 , Ashton Peters, Whittemore, shot a 159, Jameson Boevers, Cylinder, shot a 147, Ava Dietrich, Emmetsburg, shot a 143, and Ireland Helle, Emmetsburg, shot a 117.

In the Intermediate Advanced Level - Squad Division, the Emmetsburg Hot Shots Snap Team received fouth place with a team score of 900 out of 1,000, with each team member also shooting at 200 targets..

Tate Joyce, Emmetsburg, shot 191, Lacey Olson, Pocahontas, shot 176, Bradan Albrant, Emmetsburg, 173, Derek Lawson, Emmetsburg, 173, and Jacob Grau-West, Graettinger, 187.

The Hot Shots Intermediate individuals also placed numerous times in individual competition, where they shot at 200.

For the ladies Intermediate Entry Level, Ashton Peters, Whittemore, placed third with 159 hits, Ava Dietrich , Emmetsburg received 15 place with 143 hits, and Ireland Helle, Emmetsburg hit 117 for 39 place.

In Mens Intermediate Entry Level, Tanner Jones, Rolfe, hit 174 for 25 place, Jamison Boevers, Cylinder, came in at 182 place wit 147 hits, and Bryce Hawks, Emmetsburg, hit 145 for 191 place.

For the Individual Intermediate Advanced Ladies Division, Lacey Olson, Pocohantas, hit 176, for 18 place.

For the Mens Intermediate Advanced Individual Shoot, Tate Joyce, Emmetsburg, hit 191, Jacob Grau-West, Graettinger, hit 187, Garret Franker, Cylinder, hit 174, Braydan Albrant and Derek Lawson, both from Emmetsburg, both hit 173, Austin Stokes, Mallard, hit 167, for 151 place, Grant Householder, Emmetsburg, placed 163 with 166 hits, Brice Rooney, Emmetsburg, placed 242, shooting 155 targets.

In 256 place was Nathan Adams, Emmetsburg, hitting 153, Josh Matheason, Emmetsburg shot 133, receiving 310, Braxton Cooke, Curlew came in 336 place, hitting 105 targets.

The next tournament rounds will be June 6, June 7.



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