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R-E-S-P-E-C-T Is it Gone Forever

July 9, 2019
By Anesa McGregor , Emmetsburg News

Everyday I find myself flabbergasted over the lack of respect or no respect that is shown by people every day.

Where do we turn to cast blame? Is it social media and the lack of human connection?

Social media and the Internet have played a part in the lost respect, but in my opinion, the majority of the blame needs to be placed on society and the world we live in.

I was born at the end of the Baby Boom Era. Manners were something that we started learning as soon as our minds could understand manners, values and ethics were extremely important in mainstream society.

We learned to say "Please" and "Thank you." We were taught that our elders and adults in authoritative positions such as the President, City Fathers...I think you get the idea, but all these people deserved some basic level of respect. At least that was what I was taught growing up. That basic level of respect is a right we all deserve.

I have always valued respect. It is more than a characteristic, it is a necessary function to a successful life. Lately, respect for others has been thrown to the side and replaced with selfishness. It does not matter the views you share that differ from others, it gives you no right to accuse and criticize. If you would like to engage in a conversation, exchanging viewpoints, supporting your stance and even questioning the opposing view, that is great, but do it with respect and professionalism.

Young adults do not say please or thank you. They walk through doors not acknowledging the person that held it or not looking back to hold it for the next person. They do not give up their seat for someone older than them. They walk into and around people as if they are invisible. All the small acts of politeness that were expected are now becoming an option.

I have seen young adults scoff and whisper comments at the elderly in line because they are moving too slow for their pace. I'm sorry, did you live a long life, probably filled with hard decisions, long hours and countless sacrifices? No you have not, so give them the respect they deserve.

I mention RESPECT because over the Fourth of July, I watched in sadness and disbelief when people were shooting off private fireworks when the town was shooting off theirs for all to enjoy. I found it very distracting and rude.

People today need to relearn and practice respecting others and themselves.

Next time try saying please and thank you to someone. Who knows - that one small step could change the world.



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