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Insanely Cool Gadgets for Christmas

December 24, 2019
By Anesa McGregor , Emmetsburg News

Have you ever tried to find just the right gift for that hard-to-buy for someone on your list? I know I've been at that crossroad area where it's now or never so I end up getting something that I know the person won't use.

I've found some gadgets that are newer to the market that I had never heard of but sound like a great gift for anyone.

1. Keysmart Multi-purpose Key Tool: If you are like most people, you have multiple keys that are a huge burden to carry. They are too bulky, and there's just too many of them! Keysmart is genius device, which takes all of your keys and puts them in a nice portable, easy package. They are tucked away in the device until you are ready to use each one.

2. iMemories - Transfer VHS tapes and Old Photos to DVD: The problem is, you have home videos, and pictures at your house, but cannot play then because you don't have a VHS player. iMemories will step in and digitize all of your old photos and tapes, and put them on DVD.

3. FIXD - Save Thousands on Costly Auto Repairs: Have you ever gone to an auto repair shop for an oil change, only to have the mechanic say you need to fix something completely unrelated? Or has the mysterious "check engine" light come on, and the next thing you know the mechanic has a list of expensive engine parts that need replacing?

Every car made after 1996, has special port, that sends valuable diagnostic information on any problems with your car. Fixd connects to this port, then communicates with you via its smartphone app to tell you all the detailed information. It's a great way to confirm or deny, any expensive repairs that a mechanic is trying to charge you for. Stop paying for unnecessary car repairs!

4. Starscope Monoculars - High Powered Mini Telescope: This brilliantly engineered telescope competes with your top brands like Zeiss, Nikon, Canon, for fraction of the cost. Starscope Monoculars utilize modern CNC technology, as well as optical programs on supercomputers in order to deliver a high-quality telescope, that would typically compete in the $3,000 range. Lightweight and portable, these telescopes are designed to be brought everywhere, so you never miss any of the action.

5. Peeps - Carbon Technology to Clean Your Glasses: Eyeglasses inevitably are always getting dirty. The oils from your skin, or fingerprints, or even condensation. Peeps uses advanced microfiber pads, originally developed by NASA, on the ends of a clever holder. This enables you to be able to clean your glasses all around the lenses, without having squeeze your fingers manually around them



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