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A Reminder About Snow Removal

January 10, 2020
By Joseph Schany , Emmetsburg News

By Joseph Schany

The winter months continue, the snowfall is beginning to accumulate, and plenty more is expected real soon. Questions regarding Emmetsburg's snow removal policy continue from residents and businesses alike. In November, Frank Kliegl, Emmetsburg Public Properties Director, sat down to discuss the city's plan for the winter.

"The end goal is to have us all working together to get the job done with as few issues as humanly possible," said Kliegl.

"The city has initiated a snow removal contractor registration policy effective this year. The registration is required to be on file at city hall along with proof of insurance. This does not include walk behind snow blowers or shovels. The registration will provide a level playing field for all the contractors and an understanding of what is required of them when working on private property as well as in the city right of way."

Kliegl outlined the factors involved when considering snow removal.

"Each snow event is different, for the most part, and we consider several factors: The time of day, day of the week, temperature, wind, duration, and lastly, a huge factor is the time between events. Each snow fall amounts to four to five days of clean-up, start to finish, for the city crew."

Kliegl mentioned the importance of prioritizing snow clean-up, pointing out that the crew looks at the whole city and not just a specific area.

"Our focus is on the whole community and not just on one sector; People need to get to work, make it to appointments, etc. It is important we make that happen. Our emergency routes are a priority throughout the snow event. EMS, Fire, and Law enforcement need to be able to respond when needed."

Kliegl finished with a reminder that his crew has limitations and some patience is needed when it comes to the snow removal process.

"The Public Properties Department has seven employees that work each event, start to finish, in addition to their own daily chores that need to be done. They are community members and neighbors of ours. They get done with their work day and go home to shovel and move their own snow from the driveway and sidewalk like anyone else. Plus, if we are missing one or two employees due to unforeseen circumstances, this will slow the process down as well."

Kliegl added, "A copy of the city's snow removal policy is available at city hall. We want to thank everyone for their cooperation and patience during the winter months."



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