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Reader Responds, ‘Don’t Call Me Babe!’

February 17, 2020
Emmetsburg News

To the Editor:

This letter is in response to David Perata's letter to the editor from Thursday, Feb. 7 regarding Mainstreet Community Theatre's production of The Vagina Monologues.

As a former English teacher, I tend to analyze writing for content. It appears Mr. Perata has a small town mentality. Now, I come from a town of 307 people and am aware of how that can work, which is why I try to have an open mind and look at both sides of a story.

I find it interesting that in paragraph one Mr. Perata references New York City. If this were New York City, this little one-sided editorial would be considered hypocritical, sexist, and reminiscent of 1950's thinking-or maybe just an uneducated man's way of thinking. It would be put out to pasture.

In the fourth paragraph he references not being able to make a connection to women's sad stories and this production. Maybe he cannot see a connection because he is NOT a woman. Anyone who has any knowledge of abuse knows that talking about issues is healing and, yes, empowering-a chance to take back life. But, again, how would he know? He is NOT a woman!!

In paragraph six, he insinuates that the women who are performing these roles are "giggly and silly". Does he know these women? Does he know their stories-their reasons for wanting to perform? Oh wait, NO, because he is NOT a woman.

In the same paragraph, he mentions pornography. Is he married? Does his wife know he is an expert on porn?

Also in paragraph six, he mentions that "good girls" don't speak like this. Good boys certainly have and do-our President does-and it's called "locker room banter"-perfectly acceptable in a man's world by most! Maybe we "good girls" have been stifled all these years!! Did Mr. Perata ever think of that? Oh yeah, he's NOT a woman!!

Then there is paragraph seven where Mr. Perata likens the performers to "whores." Really? And he would know this how? Again, he wouldn't! He's NOT a woman!

Finally, it appears to me that Mr. Perata is the one with the insecurities and possibly has lived in a very tiny, suppressed world. I have no real idea, but in this case it appears that ignorance is bliss. He has a choice here-go or stay home!!

PS: Don't call me "Babe"!!

(signed) Linda Jones

Emmetsburg resident



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