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Disrespecting Law Enforcement MUST Stop!

February 21, 2020
By Anesa McGregor , Emmetsburg News

Almost everyday you turn on the TV and you see young people in big cities disrespecting the police. The disrespect has progressed from yelling in an officer's face to throwing buckets of water and garbage on them, hitting officers in the back, and the latest is spray painting police cars. These officers have been ordered not to do anything about any of this.

I realize living in rural America is different from the big metro areas. Around here you do not see anything like what is broadcast on TV.

Don't get me wrong, there are good officers and then there are a few that have given the entire law enforcement community a bad reputation. These people that you see on television harassing the police as a protest are doing the same thing; they are lumping one group of people as all the same. "Guilt By Association!"

The unfortunate thing about the world today is mainstream society is falling into the trap of believing what they see on social media as well as other media outlets. You will hardly ever see or read about any of the positive things the police do for us. The failure to accurately portray the positive with the negative has already allowed the public to envision law enforcement as a completely malicious establishment.

The public can no longer tolerate these acts of disrespect against law enforcement and we need to change the citizen vs. police mentality. The longer we as a society allow this to happen, the more it alienates a profession comprised of men and women that work to support and protect communities and people. It only took a few to take us to a place we cannot afford to be.

In order to change this perception and prevalent attitude, people need to actively support the police both online and in person.

People should spread stories they hear of officers going beyond expectations when serving the people. These are the stories that will never be heard or talked about.

If there is a situation where someone is blatantly disrespecting law enforcement, it is important that we show respect for the police both as a public official and as a human being.

The overwhelming majority of law enforcement will say they chose to be a police officer to serve, protect, and help those in need and they deserve society's respect and should be held with high regard.

We teach our children, the police are the good guys and are here to help us. Today, all we are doing is sending mixed signals confusing our police of tomorrow



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