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Bjustrom Named TLC Coach of the Year TLC Wrestling Results Released

March 4, 2020
By Joseph Schany , Emmetsburg News

By Joseph Schany

Emmetsburg E-Hawk Wrestling Head Coach Tyler Bjustrom has been named the Twin Lakes Conference Coach of the Year for the 2019-20 season. Coach Bjustrom was selected for the honor by fellow conference coaches.

Coach Bjustrom's E-Hawks finish the 2019-20 season at the top of the conference, earning first place with a 9-0 conference record and 15-1 overall.

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Emmetsburg Wrestling Head Coach Tyler Bjustrom
2019-20 TLC Coach of the Year

The Titans of Graettinger-Terril/Ruthven-Ayrshire (GTRA) earned a fifth place TLC standing at 4-5 in the conference and 10-13 overall, while the West Bend-Mallard Wolverines finished the season in seventh place with a 2-7 conference record and 9-11 overall.

Along with the team results, the Twin Lakes Conference released tournament place winners and state placement results.

Twin Lakes Conference Tournament Place Winners & State Placement


1st Place - Donavon Hanson (WBM, State - 8th)

2nd Place - Tyce Ruffridge (Pocahontas Area)

3rd Place - Keagen Riley (Sioux Central)

4th Place - Nie Lowe (Emmetsburg)

5th Place - Ethan Egli (Manson-NW Webster)

6th Place - Evan Boger (East Sac County)


1st Place - Kevin King (South Central Calhoun)

2nd Place - Caelan Oakes (Southeast Valley)

3rd Place - Ryerson Boevers (Emmetsburg)

4th Place - Isaiah Powers (Alta-Aurelia)

5th Place - Lucas Fehr (West Bend-Mallard)

6th Place - Landon Olson (Sioux Central)


1st Place - Ayden Toms (South Central Calhoun)

2nd Place - Nathan Thoma (Manson-NW Webster)

3rd Place - Cade Stearns (GTRA)

4th Place - Lucas Carter (Emmetsburg)

5th Place - Peyton Wunschel (East Sac County)

6th Place - Tytan Kolpin (Alta-Aurelia)


1st Place - Carson Collins (Manson-NW Webster)

2nd Place - Kelly Griffin (Emmetsburg)

3rd Place - Brandon Lenz (Pocahontas Area)

4th Place - Wyatt Sprecher (Southeast Valley)

5th Place - Aaron Massner (West Bend-Mallard)

6th Place - Tyler Peterson (Alta-Aurelia)


1st Place - Nate Thomsen (East Sac County, State - 4th)

2nd Place - Sean Brennan (Emmetsburg)

3rd Place - Daniel Thoma (Manson-NW Webster)

4th Place - Mason Goodwin (Southeast Valley)

5th Place - Bryant Garberding (Sioux Central)

6th Place - Tyler Banwart (West Bend-Mallard)


1st Place - Jordan Khommanyvong (South Central Calhoun, State - 8th)

2nd Place - Ian Kohnen (Manson-NW Webster)

3rd Place - Nolan Blair (West Bend-Mallard)

4th Place - Ryan Brennan (Emmetsburg)

5th Place - Schade Larson (Alta-Aurelia)

6th Place - Max Miller (Southeast Valley)


1st Place - Brad Wirtz (Emmetsburg)

2nd Place - Dawson Mack (East Sac County)

3rd Place - Jonah Siebert (Southeast Valley)

4th Place - Jaydon Maschke (South Central Calhoun)

5th Place - Logan Crouse (Manson-NW Webster)

6th Place - Damon Fehr (West Bend-Mallard)


1st Place - Bret Hoyman (Emmetsburg, State - 6th)

2nd Place - Christopher Krueger (Manson-NW Webster)

3rd Place - Lathe Muench (Southeast Valley)

4th Place - Maxwel Jessen (East Sac County)

5th Place - Mike Auten (West Bend-Mallard)

6th Place - Cormick Currans (GTRA)


1st Place - Blake McAlister (South Central Calhoun, State - 6th)

2nd Place - Spencer Roth (GTRA - 7th)

3rd Place - Creytan Grimm (West Bend-Mallard)

4th Place - Nathan Pobanz (East Sac County)

5th Place - Thomas Melohn (Pocahontas Area)

6th Place - Colton Andersen (Emmetsburg)


1st Place - Mason Griffin (Emmetsburg, State - 8th)

2nd Place - Connor Fehr (West Bend-Mallard, State - 6th)

3rd Place - Sterling Rodman (East Sac County)

4th Place - Dave Williams (Sioux Central)

5th Place - Zack Miller (Southeast Valley)

6th Place - Landon Schleisman (South Central Calhoun)


1st Place - Treyton Cacek (GTRA, State - 2nd)

2nd Place - Brodie Anderson (Manson-NW Webster)

3rd Place - Matthew Wirtz (Emmetsburg)

4th Place - Harley Bryson (Southeast Valley)

5th Place - Alex Welander (Pocahontas Area)

6th Place - Ethan Zaugg (West Bend-Mallard)


1st Place - John Schuttler (Manson-NW Webster)

2nd Place - Alex DeRoos (Alta-Aurelia)

3rd Place - Jon Lace II (Emmetsburg)

4th Place - Jayden Soard (South Central Calhoun)

5th Place - Dakota Deuschle (Sioux Central)

6th Place - Jaxon Carlson (Southeast Valley)


1st Place - Brian King (South Central Calhoun)

2nd Place - Carson Peterson (Manson-NW Webster)

3rd Place - Brandon Mier (Alta-Aurelia)

4th Place - Kyle Kogel (Emmetsburg)

5th Place - Trey Sandvig (Pocahontas Area)

6th Place - Matteo Castiglione (GTRA)


1st Place - Dane Johnson (Pocahontas Area, State - 5th)

2nd Place - Jordan Anderson (Emmetsburg)

3rd Place - Kipp Corbin (East Sac County)

4th Place - Logan Studer (West Bend-Mallard)

5th Place - Nate Weflen (Alta-Aurelia)

6th Place - Trevor Condon (Manson-NW Webster)



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