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A New Decade

March 9, 2020
Cecilia Durham Moen , Emmetsburg News

The purest joy of my life is being a grandmother. Last year both my grandsons turned ten. It's hard to believe a decade could go by so quickly. I reminisce often about their first decade and whether I've made enough of an impression. As a long-distance grandma that's an important concern. I'm fortunate to see my grandchildren every year or couple of years.

In their first ten years so much has happened and they've had so many firsts. I've loved every stage from lifting their heads, eating solids, crawling, walking, talking, running, preschool and on to kindergarten, and beyond.

Oh, and kids these days are so smart! One grandson received a crested gecko for a Christmas. I inquired as to his pet's name. "Magma", grandson replied. So I followed by asking why he'd chosen that name. Grandson replied, with more than a hint of ' it should be obvious' in his voice, " Because he's red". I look back and realize that when I was ten, I probably didn't know about magma and would have named a red pet Red, or Fire if I were being creative. Yep, kids today are much smarter!

Now my thoughts turn to what their next ten years will be like and as much as they've already grown through, they have so much more to do. I'm thinking about growth spurts, voice changes, school dances, high school, driving lessons, dating, graduations, college choices, the beginning of their independent lives and where that will take them. I hope I'm there to enjoy each and every step.

As a mother I was so 'in the trenches' that sometimes I feel like I didn't look up enough to really see the impact I was making on my children or how my decisions might impact their lives and the world. I am so proud of my children, all four in their 30's now, and I can say they've made a positive impact on their world. They're all employed, and most importantly, they're all happy. What more could a mother want? Well, I do wish we all lived closer!

As a grandmother I get to sit back and look at all of this, and wait and wonder to see the lives of my grandchildren transform and be fulfilled. Here's to the next ten years...let the new decade commence!

So, how does your last decade look? Did you accomplish what you'd hoped for? And what are your plans for this new decade? Don't just wait to see what happens. Set a course and live your dreams!



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