“A Tinder Box Waiting For A Spark”


To the Editor:

As an electrician working in Emmetsburg off and on for 50 years, I have spent many hours “wiring” in the old Palo Alto County Sheriff and Jail facility.

First hand, I can agree that the old building has done its job and needs to be replaced. I have worked in the basement and on all 3 floors, including the attic.

My thoughts - it is a tinder box waiting for a spark.

If there ever was a fire, it would spread and be out of control in minutes. The exterior is brick but a good percentage of the interior is wood that has been drying for over 100 years.

The new facility that they have in the plans will probably last another 100 years if need be.

I think the amount of dollars that they will spend, and spread that over the next 100 years, is a bargain. Not only will it be safe, but it will also let our law enforcers do a better job for us citizens.

The building of a new law enforcement facility will certainly have my vote.

(signed) Bill Crook

Cylinder, IA


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