April 17 Food Box Giveaway


A Food Box Giveaway will be held Saturday, April 17, at 10:30 a.m. at the Multi-Purpose Center in Emmetsburg. Food boxes will be available for everyone in Palo Alto County on a first come, first served basis.

In the Food Box there are apples, potatoes, onion, oranges, some meat, dairy produces plus a gallon of milk and more items not listed (items are subject to change).

Anyone in Palo Alto County can line up their cars on East 12th Stree,t facing West, in single file starting at the corner of Union St. and 12th St. Please pay attention to the traffic directors that will be there to help.

“We will be giving out 1 box per household with 2 boxes maximum per vehicle,” said Sandi Iwen, organizer.

“Masks are mandatory as you approach our volunteers, and you will need to unlock your doors and open trunks so the volunteers can load the box and milk in your vehicle. You should be able to stay in your vehicle,” she added. “Remember that everyone will be volunteering his/her time. Give them a smile and a wave to show your appreciation and your patience.”

For more information, call organizer Sandi Iwen at 712.298.1415. Anyone who is homebound should also call Sandi, along with those who want to volunteer.

Multi-Purpose Senior Center representative is Connie Schubert.

The Food Box Giveaway is sponsored by: Palo Alto County Council on Aging and Bethany Lutheran Church in Emmetsburg.


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