EPAK Experience at Fairgrounds


EDUCATIONAL PARTNERS-AGRICULTURE AND KIDS PROGRAM -- According to Palo Alto County Extension, the goal of the EPAK experience is to make youth aware of how agriculture is important to their local community and the state of Iowa. It also helps them understand how agriculture affects their daily lives. ISU Extension County Youth Coordinator Julie Naig pointed out that this is the 21st year that EPAK was presented. It was not done in 2020 and 2021 because of Covid. Julie has been the over all coordinator for this event through the years. This year’s planning team consisted of Emmet, Palo Alto and Kossuth Farm Bureau, Emmet, Palo Alto and Kossuth County Conservation, Northwest Iowa Beekeepers Association, Smithfield Foods and Daybreak Foods.
At the Fairgrounds school house Emmetsburg students from Mr. Zeigler’s fourth grade class had a session about eggs. There was information about how an eggshell is formed and other facts about chickens. At the end of the period boiled eggs, either plain or spicy, were offered to each student. -- Diane Weiland photo

PRESTO – IT’S A BOUNCY BALL -- Emmetsburg Public School fourth graders took a trip to the Palo Alto County Fairgrounds last Tuesday to take part in EPAK. Pictured are students from Mr. Swanson’s fourth grade class in Emmetsburg learning how to make bouncy balls. Measurements of cornstarch, oil, food coloring and water were dropped into a plastic bag. After a short time in the microwave the students had to wait patiently until the bag cooled. They then opened it and formed a ball with their hands. A total of seven sessions were held with all of them focusing on how agriculture is part of everyone’s daily life. -- Diane Weiland photo


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