Five Island Lake Assoc.


Bright, noisy, daylight longer, warmer, renewing, earth blooming

Winter fades away

And nature does its work to transform

The landscape as it lays

Early was the lake melt

The neighbor says one of the earliest

No matter how it was happily felt

Seeing waves lapping at the shore

White caps and splashing sounds

Make up for the months of cold and snow we bore

Animals emerging, even the skunk is welcome

Migratory birds feed, rest and journey on while water fowl and song birds are home to stay

And the mating season becomes

The red-winged blackbird perched atop the dried stem of the prairie cup plant

Robins, wrens, sparrows, orioles flit from tree-to-tree serenading

The activity and noise are not a bother for this spring slant

The honking sound of geese arguing in an early morning fight

Third Island a prime spot for nesting real estate

The deafening honks as pairs stake their claim and win the right

Outside the window , a horned owl arrived in the oak tree on a Sunday

For five hours stayed absolutely still before again taking flight

Then another snow and all went quiet for awhile

Mother Nature dangles spring promises and we settle in

But she is in charge and has mastered the ways to beguile

It won’t be long and the water will warm, lifts will hold the boats

Swimmers, anglers, skiers, kayakers, water lovers will gather on the lake

To enjoy the lake’s wonder as stated in this final quote:

“A lake is the landscape’s most beautiful and expressive feature. It is earth’s eye; looking into which the beholder measures the depth of his own nature.”

– Henry David Thoreau.

Previous question’s answer: Turbidity is how clear the water is. It can be measured by a secchi disc with a calibrated line that is lowered into the water until it is not seen. The measurement is recorded and compared to different measurements during the year.

Question: How many acres make up the fifth island game preserve?

submitted by Diane Weiland


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