Replicas of Cylinder “As It Was”


It all started with the Cylinder Depot.

“Arnie (Heng) was mayor then and he asked me if I could build a copy of the depot, because it was about ready to fall down,” said Joe Joyce. He constructed the depot building (pictured far right) for the town.

“Then last winter, I thought it was fun, so I started to build other buildings,” he added. “Then got hooked up with Tilford Egland, the historian, and he started giving me pictures and information and that’s kind of how it went.”

Joe plans to keep doing it.

“Right now I’ve got the Methodist Church on the drawing board, then the Queen Hotel that was on the south side of the bank, that might be the next one.”

No one seemed to remember a creamery in Cylinder. Egland found a photo of Cylinder Butter & Cheese Company that was located north of the railroad tracks, across from the elevator (pictured below, right).

The display includes (top photo, clockwise from bottom left):

Cylinder Savings Bank - Land and Loan

Grocery Store - the living quarters were removed before the Cylinder Centennial (now Haack’s Nest)

Jay Letson - General Hardware

Cylinder Public School -established 1905

U.S. Post Office, Cylinder

Cylinder Depot

Cylinder Co-op

Furniture Store, Meltvedts (now Erin’s Flower Shop)

Cylinder Telephone Company est 1910

(Conrad) Kliegls Tavern

Cylinder Butter & Cheese Company - est 1890

“It would be so nice to get all of these businesses that were in Cylinder and display them somewhere,” said Joe Joyce. He plans to keep working from photos of Cylinder to recreate the town “as it was.”


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